Inventions for the Household (Oct, 1933)

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Inventions for the Household

ASPARAGUS COOKED STANDING UP. A bunch of asparagus is placed in an upright position in this aluminum cooker in which there is boiling water. The low, heavy stalks are thus boiled and the tender tops are cooked in the rising steam. In this way the full flavor of the asparagus tops is retained.

HOME DRINKING FOUNTAIN. Clipped to any household faucet, this little device serves as a drinking fountain. It consists of a small U-shaped trough of metal that deflects the water upward as is shown in the photo below. The metal part in contact with the water is said to contain germicidal properties because of special treatment.

REPAIRS BURNED-OUT TOASTER. When the heating element in a toaster or similar device burns out, it is repaired with this sleeve that unites ends GLASS HOLDER. The metal coaster, above, not only holds the tumbler but also has a built-in receptacle for cigarette ashes. Ridges on the coaster prevent it from sticking to glass when latter is lifted.

NEW EGG BEATER. Clamped firmly to the wall, the egg beater at right has flanges that grip and hold the egg bowl. When the bowl is in place, one has only to turn the handle to get well-beaten eggs.

GLASS COFFEE PACKAGE. Vacuum-packed in glass, the coffee in this package can be inspected by the purchaser. A slot in the top opens the jar.

DOUBLE-ACTION SEWING MACHINE. The electric sewing machine, above, is equipped with controls that regulate the length of the stitch while a shift lever enables the user to sew either forward or backward at will. A speed control makes it possible to sew fast or slow.

GUARDS AGAINST MOTHS. The cardboard chest seen below, contains a special panel treated with oil of cedar, a repellant that keeps the moths away.

HANDY NIGHT LIGHT. When this accessory is plugged into a convenient outlet, it becomes a night light for bathroom or sick room. It uses a standard flash light bulb and is turned off by twisting bulb.

LIGHT-PROOF SHADE. A new style of window shade is illustrated below. It cannot flap in the breeze and is light-proof and dust-proof. Hookless fasteners secure the sides of the shade.

MEAL IN ONE CONTAINER. Built on the principle of a vacuum jug, this food container will hold an entire meal and keep it either hot or cold for eight hours. It holds over three pounds of food.

MENDS BROKEN CROCKERY. Free from unpleasant odors, a new mineral cement makes it easy to mend your broken dishes or crockery. Originally developed for electrical plants, the cement is now available for household use. It can be applied easily.

WASHES DAINTY SILKS. Fragile underthings and silk stockings are safely and easily washed, it is said, with the pair of hand paddles illustrated below. The garments are dipped in soapsuds and then lifted with one paddle and rubbed with the other to force out the dirt.

SPICES KEPT FRESH. Freshly ground spices retain their aroma, it is said, when they are vacuum-packed in these glass containers, which are similar to coffee container on the opposite page.

VACUUM CLEANER KILLS MOTHS. By reversing the direction of the air flow in this vacuum cleaner, it is transformed into a moth chaser, blowing out vapor from a reservoir of moth crystals. The reverse mechanism is built into the cleaner and is operated by touching a lever. The cleaner also has an automatic dust emptying device.

  1. Kosher Ham says: January 28, 201111:47 am

    Some of these inventions did catch on; others, well……….

  2. Mike says: January 28, 20116:48 pm

    You can still buy the home drinking fountain.

  3. Toronto says: January 28, 20119:26 pm

    I’ve used an electric perculator to cook asparagus – pretty much the same as the first item, but a multi-tasker. And I have used nichrome splicing sleeves – swags? – they work better than pop rivets to repair old Toastmasters.

    That “Swing-a-way” style wall-mounted egg beater is just bizarre!

    (PS: Anyone know the style name of the chunkier Swing-a-way chrome plated wall-mount manual can openers from the mid 1960s? Futura or something?)

  4. Bobbie says: January 28, 201110:25 pm

    The meal in one box is an Indian dabba. They are picked up at the home, delivered to a persons office for lunch and the empty dabba is returned to the home after lunch. More than 175,000 or 200,000 lunch boxes get moved every day.

  5. Toronto says: January 28, 201110:32 pm

    Also called a tiffin box. Easily purchased:…

    Alas, no delivery service here.

    (Oddly enough, I had lunch yesterday at an Indian restaurant named “Dhaba.” I wonder if it’s a variation on the same word. Highly recommended place for lunch buffet, by the way.)

  6. Kosher Ham says: January 29, 201111:53 am

    My family had a painted wall mounted can opener when I was a kid. I guess the chrome ones were for rich folk.

  7. Toronto says: January 29, 20113:29 pm

    Yeah, Kosher, we air force families were rich as hell. That’s why we ate so much canned food.

    I’ve been searching for one like we once had, but have struck out. There’s a “Master Class” brand one that’s similar but I’m fairly sure it was a Swing-A-Way.

  8. anon says: January 29, 20117:15 pm

    I thought it read “asparagus cooking tip”. To which I would add: Don’t cook asparagus.

  9. DrewE says: January 31, 20119:13 am

    Toronto — Was it perchance the Swing-a-way 609, which is still fairly readily available these days? That’s the standard wall-mount can opener I recall seeing here and there at various times.

    The eggbeater here is strange, though; it’s hard to see any great advantage over other beaters, and some obvious disadvantages (a fixed location, an apparent propensity to jostle and spill eggs when attaching and detaching the bowl, the inability to use other bowls…).

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