Inventions to Lighten Your Household Chores (Jul, 1930)

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Inventions to Lighten Your Household Chores

When this electric cooker is placed face downward over a plate of meat, radiant heat cooks it through in ten minutes. In this way, meals can be prepared at the table.

Silk stockings and other fragile clothing not meant for the regular wash go into a separate compartment in this metal hamper. Soiled clothes are all put in at the top but only the heavy articles come out at the bottom.

Drip coffee, a cup at a time, can be made with this device which fits any standard sized cup.

This automatic toaster not only turns off the heat as soon as bread is toasted, but it also shoots the slice out onto a convenient plate. It can be readily adjusted to give light, medium, or well browned toast according to user’s preference.

Now which bottle contains the fresh milk? You will have no trouble answering that question if one of these tags is slipped around the neck of the bottle as soon as it arrives. There’s a label for each day in the week; an aluminum disk holds them when not in use.

Just put your mop in this dust cleaner, close the lid, twirl the mop a few times, and the dust is all gone. To empty the container, turn it upside down so the dust can collect in the cover. It’s then easy to take that off and empty it into the ash barrel.

A whole three-course dinner can be cooked at once in twenty minutes in this utensil. Pressure speeds up the process and only one gas burner need be used.

This unobtrusive device, which fastens to wall or table, has two stones against which a knife is sharpened.

Ordinarily this combination piece looks like a stool but when rods, which disappear through holes in the top, are drawn out it becomes a clothes rack, saving you steps on ironing day.

This meat chopper gives you what you want— coarse, medium, fine, or extra fine. It can be fastened to even a narrow table ledge. One turn of the wrist opens it wide, making it easy to clean.

Ice cubes can’t stick in this flexible tray, which is made of rubber instead of metal. Just spring back the sides and the ice is released without prodding.

The toothed ridge on this dustpan is credited with taking lint out of the broom and gathering up the last trace of dust that ordinarily clings to the floor. A handle for the toe gives the sweeper a chance to hold the pan firmly in place without stooping.

At right, a spoon that is more than a spoon. It has on the bowl rough projections that make it a grater. Also there is a forklike tine on one side that proves useful in lifting meats or in freeing food that sticks to bottom of frying pan.

  1. DrewE says: January 3, 201211:52 am

    It looks like the plate-covering cooker thingy was still new three years later: http://blog.modernmecha…

    I do wish more dustpans had a foot slot. That should be standard by now.

  2. Rick s. says: January 3, 20122:25 pm

    Take a look at the bus on the cover of this issue. Is that supposed to be a tube running up the windshield and squirting water over the roof of that bus? If so, what’s up with that?


  3. Toronto says: January 3, 20123:33 pm

    Rick S: based on the photo on pg 56, it looks like the exhaust pipe, but I have no idea why they ran it up and over the roof.

  4. Kosher Ham says: January 3, 20124:14 pm

    Actually, the top discharging exhaust is commonly used in city buses and was perhaps the first antipollution devise employed for diesel engines before the widespread use of natural gas in city buses now (they still exhaust on the roof when powered by CNG or LNG.)

  5. Toronto says: January 3, 20126:44 pm

    Kosher – sure, on a rear engined bus. But you don’t see exhaust pipes on the top centre of the windshield every day.

  6. Mike says: January 3, 20127:27 pm

    Drew, I thought I saw that thing before also.

  7. Rick s. says: January 3, 20128:55 pm

    Toronto and Kosher Ham; Thanks for answering my question 🙂 It does make sense. I’m assuming that the windshield had a divider in the center as most vehicles had at that time since curved glass windshields were not made back then. The exhaust pipe would just have passed over that divider.


  8. Hirudinea says: January 3, 201210:12 pm

    I saw that coffee maker in a Vietnamese Resturant.

  9. whoozle whaazle says: January 4, 20128:39 pm

    I wouldn’t want to put my shoe around the ‘toe handle’ of that dust pan. It looks like it could scratch the leather on my shoe.

  10. Devak says: January 4, 20129:57 pm

    I like the shoe dust pan….cool

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