POINTED ROD in pipe on prow of boat would allow fisherman to anchor craft by stepping on rod. Shurl Churchill. Strasburg. Ohio.

PROJECTION SYSTEM that reproduces on the blackboard notes which teacher writes at her desk. Frank Healey, Carbondale. Pa.

LUNG SAVERS of compressed air (or helium) in cans so that kiddies can easily blow up balloons. Frank Leonard. Louisville. Ky.

“PLEASE DIM LIGHTS” sign on rear of auto illuminated automatically from brights of the car behind. Roger Yeaton. Groton, N. Y.

EDIBLE PAPER around candy won’t become gooey but hungry Junior can gobble it immediately. Hoyle Broome, Salem, N. C.

Is there a gadget you think should be ivented? If so. semi its description to Invention Wanted Editor. MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED. 47 West 44th St., N.Y. 34. N.Y. Each one printed will be awarded $5.

  1. Mike says: September 19, 20117:42 am

    Overhead projectors were in use before this article was written.

    The “Please DIm Lights” has been invented, but I imagine it only pissed the person off behind you.

  2. M.S.W. says: September 19, 201110:10 am

    They have edible paper, but none that tastes good and can keep out air and dirt. Even if they do make one that tastes good and can protect from the elements. It would still get dirty from being put on store shelves and then stored in one’s pocket… yuck

  3. Hirudinea says: September 19, 201110:22 am

    Mabye pops wouldn’t need the lung saver if he quit smoking.

  4. qyooqy says: September 19, 20115:19 pm

    Botan Rice Candy doesn’t get dirty because it comes in a box.…

  5. qyooqy says: September 19, 20115:45 pm

    Botan Rice Candy doesn’t get dirty because it comes in a box.…. Methinks I may committ doublepostery.

  6. Stephen says: September 20, 20115:29 am

    When I was a boy, in the Seventies, Woolworths used to sell a special pump for inflating balloons. It didn’t contain compressed air, though.

  7. M.S.W. says: September 20, 20117:58 am

    “qyooqy” those candies still are within a cardboard box. It’s inferred that the candy the boy is eating as the only packaging used for the candy. BTW the Botan Rice Candies (and clear wrap)do taste good ( just not the box ;).

  8. Aya Reiko says: September 20, 20118:53 am

    The blackboard one did happen, sort of… just somewhere around 50 years later with the use of computers.

    So did the compressed air in a can… but decades later and for blasting away dust and debris from keyboards and compy internals.

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