SPECIAL COMPARTMENT in medicine chest that locks to prevent little hands getting at harmful drugs. Bob Ewing, Mishawaka. Ind.

LIGHTWEIGHT PLASTIC DOME to fit over bicycle would keep newsboy, papers dry in wet weather. Ronald Hale, Bloomfield, Conn.

GLASS CUTTER with small emery stone on its topside to save Pop time looking for sandpaper. Joseph Orbanski W. Concord. Mass.

FIREPROOF CLOTH, 10×10, enabling home owner to bum refuse on grass, walk, etc., not leave any marks. Andy Staub, Glenview. Ill.

PIVOTING RADIATORS that swing outward so Mom can make short work of cleaning behind them. Mrs. E. Miller, Lansing, Mich.

  1. jayessell says: July 7, 20116:06 am

    Mechanix Illustrated is fairly progressive having an all black
    cast in their “Inventions Wanted!” feature.

    Oh wait… #5.

    Well…. at least she doesn’t look like the maid on that sitcom.
    OK, she’s DRESSED like the maid on that sitcom, but at least
    she’s not selling pancakes.

  2. Toronto says: July 7, 20118:03 am

    The person with the “little hands” looks like he has male pattern baldness.

  3. Gazzie says: July 7, 20119:02 am

    My Mom would have loved those pivoting radiators. We lived in two different row homes in Baltimore, MD in the late 55’s to early 60’s.

    Both of them had steam boilers with radiators, and she always had a small burn on her upper fore arm from reaching under to clean them. LOL

  4. Charlene says: July 7, 20119:28 am

    I would love pivoting radiators in my current house. Not only can’t you clean behind them, it’s devilishly difficult to paint behind them too.

  5. Toronto says: July 7, 201111:17 am

    I once lived in a barracks with them, and with no vacuum cleaner. Inspections were always fun.

    My solution was a set of long kitchen tongs and tube socks – they worked well on the venetian blind slats as well. It was as if they went out of their way to design a barracks that would be a dust trap.

  6. BrianC says: July 7, 201111:35 am

    I guess the smell of burning leaves will distract you from the fact that you’ve got a giant push pin through your head.

  7. John says: July 7, 20111:12 pm

    BrianC ยป Cue applause

  8. Mike says: July 7, 20115:42 pm

    I am thinking that once the newspapers lands on the front lawn, it is going to get wet.

  9. Hirudinea says: July 7, 20118:11 pm

    @Mike – But at least you know you’ll always get your paper, because that plastic dome is the antithesis of a chick magnet, no distractions for that paperboy!

  10. hwertz says: July 8, 20114:41 pm

    Dome sounds great as long as a vague underhand flip is all the paper needs. (But seriously, seems like it would be a good idea if someone WASN’T trying to throw newspapers, which is most bike riders in my area.)

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