PNEUMATIC PADS lor football players, to provide greater protection with less weight. lames Carrol, Alexandria. Va.

RAKE ON WHEELS, easier to handle, might tempt younger members into policing up the grounds. Bing Lee, Salinas, Calif.

LUMINOUS TARGETS and arrows lor Robin Hoods who like to speed a shaft or two at night. Bill Collins, Manitou Beach, Mich.

LONG-HANDLED BRUSHES for painting hard-to-get-at places above, behind and between things. Mary Fields, Dayton, O.

PUSH-BUTTON governor can be set to local speed limits, makes gendarmes very happy. Celine Gausswin, Springwater, N.Y.

  1. Sean says: January 17, 20129:38 am

    Cruise control. Nice..

    The long-handled brush would be useful in some spots. Then again, those’re often the spots that you just don’t bother painting anyways.

  2. Mike says: January 17, 201212:43 pm

    My father’s cousin had a car where you could set a dial on the speedometer and it would buzz if you went above that speed.

  3. Kosher Ham says: January 17, 20121:20 pm

    Actually, having a speed bug display on the speedometer in conjunction with a cruise control or automatic throttles would be quite convenient. Such displays have been used on aircraft for years.

  4. Hirudinea says: January 17, 20122:56 pm

    “RAKE ON WHEELS, easier to handle, might tempt younger members into policing up the grounds.”

    Not unless it was on an XBOX!

  5. Wayne Johnston says: January 17, 20125:18 pm

    Archery at night: what a great idea. Nothing could go wrong there. Sheesh!

  6. Charlene says: January 17, 20126:29 pm

    I would love to have one of those long-handled brushes. Unfortunately, sometimes the places that are the hardest to reach are the places where not painting will be the most obvious, because you can see them from every vantage point.

  7. Jari says: January 18, 201211:32 am

    Charlene: If a radiator brush isn’t long enough, you can attach the brush to an old broom handle or similar with a duct-tape.

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