SLIDEOUT TV SCREEN to clean away dust without removing back panel, picture tube. Mrs. Lewis Marchiafava, New Orleans, La.

BUILT-IN CEILING rollers with various colored wallpaper to change decor by pulling shades. J. Harmon, Dorchester, Mass.

DOUBLE-DIALED phones for facing desks to do away with fumbling. Can be dialed from either side. G. Sarra, Frackville, Penna.

HEADLIGHTS on lawn mowers which would enable Dad to do unwanted chore in cool of evening. Robert Johnson, Davenport, Iowa.

LUMINOUS SLIPPERS for unlucky early risers who have to feel around in the dark for them. Dorothy Panagiotoporlos, Denver, Col.

Is there a gadget you think should be invented? If so. send its description to Inventions Wanted Editor. MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED. 67 West 44 St.. N.Y. 36, N.Y. Each one printed will be awarded $5.

  1. Larry Sheldon says: March 19, 20089:38 am

    I remember when there was (at most) one phone per house, office, etc.

    Telephone company was required to install a pay-phone every block or two because lots of places had no phone at all for emergencies.

  2. Jamie says: March 20, 20082:42 pm

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  3. CALIbAN StRANGE says: March 30, 20085:32 pm

    I would like to see a spoon with a small motorized fan attached to cool down hot soup. Please look at my invention Rembark, the Painting Dog.

  4. alvir baldoanasa says: August 3, 20092:17 pm

    hello my name is alvir baldonasa a local college student in long beach california. my question is that i have an invention that i am looking for an engineer to look at and evaluate for any of its potential. will your company do this and is there a charge for aknowleding that it works besides possible royalties from the invention if i am successfull. please respond thank you and have a nice day.

  5. Firebrand38 says: August 3, 20092:27 pm

    Actually alvir you need to invent a calendar. I realize that whole 1956 thing can be confusing.

  6. sara frane says: December 8, 20119:21 pm

    it would be helpful for something to clean up spills

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