ELECTRIC cheese grater for spaghetti lovers who don’t like to exert themselves before lunch. Louise Zolezzi, Jamaica. N. Y.

SKATING SHOES equipped to take bolt-on ice skates or wheels for enthusiasts who like to skate year-round. John Dee, Boise. Ida.

KNEEPADS with rollers on them so Mom can zip through scrubbing, chores requiring kneeling. David Mega. Follansbee. W. Va.

TOOL LIBRARY for do-it-yourself fans who could borrow needed implements for household jobs. Keith Gourlay, Rhinebeck, N. Y.

DISCONNECT BUTTON prevents horn blowing in cities where it’s illegal (Sign is artist Goff’s own ideal) K. Jones. Stark, Fla.

Is there a gadget you think should be invented? If so, send its description to Inventions Wanted Editor, MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED’, 47 West 44 St., N.Y. 36. N.Y. Each one printed will be awarded $5.

  1. Hirudinea says: May 7, 20125:23 pm

    “ELECTRIC cheese grater for spaghetti lovers who don’t like to exert themselves before lunch.” Yes, judging from the picture just lifting the cheese is exertion enough for the entire day!

  2. Toronto says: May 7, 20128:19 pm

    Hiru – oddly enough, the cheese grater (cordless, yet) exists today in a form closer to the original idea than any of the others.

    I’ve belonged to workshop/tool co-ops (both woodworking and bicycle related), and of course there are tool rental companies such as Stephenson’s all over the place. And for the library idea, many Canadian Tire stores and some Home Depots will lend you certain tools with a reasonable deposit (eg tile cutters, bearing pullers.)

  3. Stephen Edwards says: May 8, 20123:14 pm

    Libraries work when the item being lent is unlikely to be used in a damaging way. Books work fine. CDs and DVDs don’t work so well (I’m impressed that anybody can scratch them up that well). Tools in a public tool library are basically guaranteed to be broken.

    I can just imagine the lawsuits a “horn disable” button would lead to.

    Pre-grated cheese alleviates the need for personal electric cheese graters, although of course they must exist in factories somewhere.

    The problem with skating shoes is that you want warm ones in the winter and cool ones in the summer.

  4. Charlie says: May 8, 20126:51 pm

    Berkeley and Portland both have working tool libraries that I know of.

  5. Toronto says: May 8, 20127:42 pm

    Charlie: Well, sure, but those are both Socialist places, ain’t they?

    (I’m using the American definition, of course.)

    (The most socialist places I’ve ever lived have been military bases, by the way. US and Canadian.)

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