WHEELBARROW BRAKE prevents loaded vehicle from running away with load and loader on a downgrade. Fine for parking. K. Weirich. Hart, Mich.


PLATE CLAMP keeps party-goers’ hands free for feeding, holds potato salad in reaching distance. A “good deal” for free-loaders. Ruth Essick, Chicago.


FISHLINE CAST shoots line far out over the brine, avoids air-beating gymnastics. No more aches in the pitching arm, either. P. Patrode, Ft. Jackson, Fla.


WINDSHIELD VISOR removes distraction of the windshield wiper on rainy nights at the drive-in movie, doubles pleasure. M. Hauntz. Salem, Ore.


RUBBER JAWS for wrench will save polished or plated objects from scratches (chromium spigots, etc.). Ideal for delicate mechanisms. J. Fox, N. Y. C.

Is there a gadget you think should be invented? If so, send its description to Inventions Wanted Editor, MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED, 17 West 44th St., N.Y. 34, N.Y. Each one printed will be awarded $5.

  1. Hirudinea says: July 9, 20126:06 pm

    Actually that Wheelbarrow brake is a really good idea, seems you could rig one up with an old bike break, wonder if they have them?

  2. Stephen says: July 10, 20123:11 am

    In woodwork class at school we were taught to line vice jaws with wooden blocks to prevent making marks on the objects we clamped inside them.

  3. Zeppflyer says: July 10, 201211:58 am

    Second the wheelbarrow brake. Don’t know how many times I’ve wished for that. It’d also be useful on wheelchairs. Handbrakes, combined with handles that curved to the vertical, would make it far easier to take Grandma out for walks.

  4. Lonestar says: July 15, 201211:11 am

    Third the wheelbarrow brake. I’ve seen similar brakes on 2-wheeled dollies; one would think it’d be a natural progression to wheelbarrows.

    I’ve also used sacrificial soft materials (wood, plastic, rubber) to line plier- and vise jaws to prevent marking. 🙂

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