LUMINOUS SIGN in railroad cars to announce approaching stations, eliminate mumbled calls. T. C. Alexander, Urbana. Ill.

GLOWING balls, racquets, nets, boundary lines so tennis lovers could romp in summer twilight. Bill Dong, Vancouver, Canada.

REPLACEABLE BLOTTER that fits in fountain pen cap and is ever-ready to absorb those blobs of ink. David Katsuki, Media, Pa.

FILTERED EXHAUST on autos to do away with threat of carbon monoxide poisoning, purify air. Arthur Stone, Oshaway, Canada.

  1. David Moisan says: July 16, 20105:19 pm

    The lighted stop destination signs have finally happened. Only took 55 years but with the ADA, subways, buses and now trains have visual and audio stop announcements (thanks to GPS on the buses.)

  2. xritl says: July 18, 20109:05 pm

    I wonder if some poor schmuck spent years on that fountain pen blotter, dreaming of the day he would be rich…

  3. Arglebarglefarglegleep says: August 6, 20103:11 pm

    The sad part about the blotter is it was ‘wanted’ about the time ball point pens were taking over. Somebody at Mechanix Illustrated probably edited the article with a ball point pen.
    The filtered car exhaust only came about from the EPA requiring catalytic converters.
    Some high tech tubs will fill up themselves now.
    And night game equipment is around for golf and tennis. The thing I found funny is they make golf balls for playing in the snow…

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