REMOVABLE CEILING TILE fitted with snap fasteners could be taken down and cleaned. Jeanne Holwager, Commiskey, Ind.

EDIBLE TAPE would be a great boon to midnight raiders who like to build Dagwood sandwiches. J. C. Taylor, Portland, Conn.

SNAP-OUT LENSES for girls who like to have several frames to go with different outfits. Susan Hall, West Burlington, N. Y.

SNAP-OUT GRILLES that would cut down cleaning time for the spit-and-polish car owner. Larry J. Ealy, Traverse City, Mich.

PLASTIC BUBBLE to be worn by combine operators to keep chaff out of eyes, ears, nose and neck. Billy Elvin, Douglas, Wash.

  1. Noah says: October 16, 20107:59 am

    Who was having such a terrible time cleaning ceilings that it would be easier to take the ceiling down rather than just clean it where it is? What are they doing that they need to clean the ceiling in the first place?

  2. Neil Russell says: October 16, 20108:40 am

    Love the edible tape idea. That technology seems something like the dissolving breath freshener strips we have now.

    Agree about the ceiling tiles, why would taking them down be easier than just scrubbing all the nicotine off in place?

    Don’t think the plastic bubble-helmet would be too popular here in south Georgia, but I bet the idea was inspired by space tv shows and movies. For that it gets cool points

  3. Charlene says: October 16, 20109:35 am

    Noah, heavy smokers do need to clean their ceilings from time to time. Painting over the stains with 50s era paints would result in a blotchy, peeling mess. Even now I wouldn’t hazard it.

  4. Andrew L. Ayers says: October 16, 20109:42 am

    I personally think the ceiling tile idea is pretty nice one, though rather than “snaps” I would go for magnets, instead (alnico was available in 1958, so holding strength wouldn’t have been an issue – though cost might have been; today, cheap rare-earth “button” magnets would work fine). For textured ceiling tiles, the issue was probably dust and spiderwebs, which can and do accumulate on ceilings with raised textured surfaces; in modern houses you rarely see this, as texturing is very light on walls and ceilings, but on older homes (especially ones with popcorn ceilings, like my house), the texture accumulates all kinds of crap (especially around ceiling-hugging fans) – dust and spiderwebs being the most common. I would imagine that ceiling tiles would be difficult to clean, because rather than raised texture, they might have “valleys” and “divits” (like acoustic ceiling tiles in offices and such do) – to clean them properly, you would likely have to use a vacuum with a brush attachment. It would be a very difficult and exhausting job cleaning such overhead tiles. Far easier to remove them, clean them, then replace them (and with two people working, it wouldn’t take that long).

  5. Myles says: October 16, 201011:33 am

    REMOVABLE CEILING TILE – We have a drop ceiling in the basement which is similar in that the tiles are easy to remove. If they get a water stain or similar we just remove the tile and pop in a new one.

    SNAP-OUT LENSES I have seen glasses recently that have multiple exchangable arms of different colors and styles.

    PLASTIC BUBBLE Now farmers have air conditioned cabs.

  6. TimE says: October 17, 20108:59 am

    Edible Tape… I assume the frilly toothpick hadn’t been invented yet?

  7. M.S.W. says: October 22, 201010:02 am

    1. “Removable ceiling Tile” – Original intent to clean and reuse would be nicer than just tossing them out like the suspended ceilings in most offices.
    2. “Edible Tape” – Perhaps the idea came from the Nori they use for Sushi 😉 (Although the Nori isn’t self adhesive as true tape. BTW check this out.


    3. “Snap-out Lens” – They have these for Glasses and Watches. Both cheap versions as well as exspensive ones.

    4. “Snap-out Grilles” – This certainly would be easy enough these days, since most of them already use a push-on clip to put them in place. Only would need to change the fasteners to quick-release type. Certainly would make it easier to get out the nasty bug guts. Albeit it would make it easier for pranksters to steal your grille.

    5. “Plastic Bubble” – The design reminds me of the cartoon “The SNORKS”
    I like the current solution better. A/C Cabs with Radio/MP3 players 😉

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