Is there a gadget yon think should be invented? If so, send its description to Inventions Wonted Editor, MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED. 67 West 44th St.. N.Y. 36. N.Y. Each one printed will be awarded $5.

HANDY MITTENS for quick furniture polishing sessions. Impregnated with polish and disposable. A. W. Jackson, Wichita, Kan.

PRIVATE PROGRAMMER television control sets program selections for entire evening of fun. Jack Lloyd, Hollywood, Calif.

BACK SCRUBBER for luxury-loving guys; stiff rotary brush set in wall behind the bathtub. Michael Williams, Fitchburg, Mass.

LOUVERED BIRDCAGE uses a Venetian blind, does away with a separate night cover. Richard Bronson, Burlington, Ind.

PLASTIC CANOPY, push-button controlled, for boat fishing in comfort in rainy weather. Denny Dewitt, New Hyde Park, N. Y.

  1. Rick Auricchio says: December 29, 201010:07 am

    The TV Programmer eventually idea eventually became TiVo.

    As for the boat canopy, I’m not sure one needs instant pushbutton control. When it’s going to rain, the boater should be aware in plenty of time; he needs to consider whether it’s time to go ashore.

  2. Charlene says: December 29, 20101:08 pm

    Dusting mittens have been around for years, but this is more like the Swiffer.

  3. Ajay says: December 31, 20107:35 pm

    Private programmer for your Television… for all 5 channels we had?

  4. Harv says: December 31, 20109:34 pm

    What??? … you had FIVE channels Ajay? We had THREE, channels 2, 4, and 5 — one for each major network … when the weather was good.

  5. Firebrand38 says: December 31, 20109:56 pm

    Harv: We had 6 channels: CBS, NBC, ABC, then PBS on Channel 13, WOR (Channel 9) & WPIX (Channel 11) out of NY.

  6. Charlene says: January 3, 20119:26 am

    We didn’t even have TV until 1967, and we didn’t have a live feed until 1980.

  7. John says: January 31, 20116:53 am

    Mechanix Illustrated Apr, 1957
    Hi,is it possible to post the second part of the “ITS NEW” ArlamLite AR10 rifle article?
    Thank you.

  8. John says: January 31, 20116:54 am

    Mechanix Illustrated Apr, 1957
    Hi,is it possible to post the second part of the “ITS NEW” ArmaLite AR10 rifle article?
    Thank you.

  9. Firebrand38 says: January 31, 20117:38 am

    John: You can say that again!

  10. JMyint says: January 31, 201111:18 am

    John, it looks like that was the whole piece on the AR-10. The continued box means “ITS NEW” continues.

  11. John says: January 31, 20113:17 pm

    Hi,so the “ITS NEW” is just a segment,this is from a article on the ArmaLite Ar10 from “Popular Mechanics Mar 1957”…

    …a similar article from “GUNS Magazine March 1957”

    PS:. have fun with the “old” stuff.

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