ADHESIVE on back of sandpaper to eliminate the slipping of paper when used on a block. Theodore Malone, Wolfeboro, N. H.

THREE-MANACLE handcuffs would secure both hands of prisoner; third one would be attached to cop. Danny Porter, Dallas, Tex.

BURGLAR ALARM built into doorknob. Alarm is set, sounds a warning if knob is turned. Mrs. Overacker, Sunnyvale, Calif.

ADJUSTABLE headlights controlled by driver for cars, trucks. Beams could be raised or lowered. George Calder, Lancaster, Pa.

SUITCASE equipped with batteries so that travelers could plug in electric shavers for quick shave. Bill Lawson, Monroe, La.

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  1. M.S.W. says: March 1, 20119:40 am

    I’m sure the “Three-Manacle” must have been interesting in use. 😉
    Using the extra leverage from having both hands attached to cop’s one hand reasonable size detainee could over power the cop easily.

  2. Charlene says: March 1, 201110:37 am

    Danny Porter overestimates the docility of the criminal element.

  3. vse says: March 1, 20111:30 pm

    U.S. hotel rooms were not equipped with electric outlets in 1960?

  4. Jayessell says: March 1, 20112:15 pm

    There’s a photo on the Internet that is a rediculous version of this
    Cartoon car.

  5. Noah says: March 1, 20113:54 pm

    If your doorknob can turn, would that not mean the door is unlocked?

  6. Michael, N5RLR says: March 1, 20119:04 pm

    Adhesive-backed sandpaper came to be — in the form of circular sheets as used on DA [dual-action] rotating sanders in the automotive-refinish industry. 🙂

  7. Toronto says: March 1, 201110:18 pm

    Many modern laptops and even netbooks have power on one or more USB ports even when turned off, effectively turning it into a “suitcase of power.” And yes, there are USB shavers.

  8. DrewE says: March 2, 20118:10 am

    Many cars, particularly but not exclusively those sold outside of the US, have headlight leveling systems of some sort. Some are manually controlled with a knob, while others are automatic based upon vehicle loading.

    Adhesive-backed sandpaper is, of course, readily available in a variety of forms–most commonly disks for certain disk sanders, but other shapes and styles are not hard to come by.

    Rather than having batteries for the shaver in the suitcase, they’re commonly in the shaver itself these days.

    There are also door-handle alarms available, mostly sold for travelers, though I do rather doubt their efficiency in many cases.

    Still, four out of five is doing pretty well!

  9. Grinder says: March 3, 20114:30 am

    @Noah, there are instances when locking the door is not an option like if you are taking refuge in a derelict building with no door locks that is frequented by unsavoury visitors. If you want to be alerted when someone turns the handle of your door an old trick I heard of was to balance an empty beer bottle upside down on the handle inside the room. Any slight turning will upset the bottle and wake you up as someone is entering (if the noise doesn’t scare them off right away).

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