Invisible Lens Worn Under Eyelids (Dec, 1936)

Invisible Lens Worn Under Eyelids
IN a demonstration before the American Academy of Optometry in Chicago, Dr. William Feinbloom, a New York optometrist, demonstrated a perfected type of invisible eyeglass to be worn under the eyelids. Unlike European spectacles of a similar nature the new glasses eliminate misfits since each lens is made over with a wax cast of patient’s eye.

  1. C.H. says: July 14, 20111:05 pm

    It all sounds fine until you reach the words “wax cast of the patient’s eye”….

  2. Hirudinea says: July 14, 20111:46 pm

    @ C.H. – Yea! I’ll stick with glasses.

  3. George says: July 14, 20113:33 pm

    “This will sting a little bit while the molten wax cools.”

  4. Christoph says: July 17, 20118:35 pm

    Lenses in direct contact with the eye! How quaint?

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