Is Your TV Set Ready for the new UHF Channels ? (May, 1953)

Is Your TV Set Ready for the new UHF Channels ?
This Mallory Converter will equip it to receive all Channels… old and new

That’s right! As new UHF channels go on the air in your area, you will receive them all . . . with no sacrifice of existing channels . . . with no internal changes in your set. The Mallory Converter can be connected to any set in a few minutes, right in your home.

The heart of the Mallory Converter is the Mallory UHF Tuner … an outgrowth of a tuning principle pioneered by Mallory in the early days of television. This Tuner provided a practical answer to the problems of UHF reception within weeks after the television “freeze” was lifted. It made possible the production of both Converters and new, all-channel receivers in time for the first commercial UHF telecasts.

The Mallory Converter is a visible demonstration of engineering accomplishment. Many other Mallory products work behind the scenes—for example, the vibrator power supply in your car radio . . . the timer control in your automatic washer . . . the contacts in your home thermostat. Common to all of them are Mallory engineering research and Mallory precision quality that mean better performance and lower costs for a host of products in the fields of electronics, electrochemistry and metallurgy.


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  1. Anne says: April 9, 20089:53 am

    It’s like the digital converters of today!

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