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Dec, 1942
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Mar, 1948
*Webster says it's a tyro, a beginner, a novice, i.e., one who hasn't read Hodgman's 1946 Handy Book of Sportsmen's Secrets—the latest, biggest issue, sparkling with 168 pages of authentic, little known outdoor tricks— bulging with facts, crowded With dope on how to cram your creel and garnish your game bag.
SEEDS For the Wide World
Tons of foods from thousands of American acres will help the starving world feed itself PEOPLE in many parts of the world will eat better vegetables because of vast quantities of top quality vegetable seed the United States has furnished Europe, India, China and the South Pacific as part of its war and rehabilitation efforts.
Plastic Auto Top Is Removable
What good is the rear spotlight going to do if you can’t see out the back and the side mirrors are the size of lollipops? Plastic Auto Top Is Removable Tradition is disregarded in a custom-built automobile body designed by Raymond Loewy and equipped with a transparent plastic top for the driver’s seat which can […]
INDUSTRY Cooks with Electrons
Once upon a time radio meant a tune in the parlor or a news broadcast. Now radio frequencies are industry's cookstoves, melting metals and molding plastics, bonding plywood and killing bugs By Thomas E. Stimson, Jr. Cooking hot dogs with radio waves, a popular act at electronics shows, is a spectacular introduction to new and important uses for high-frequency electricity. Today radio waves are defrosting foods in a few minutes, "welding" plywoods and veneers in minutes instead of hours and vulcanizing rubber tires in a fraction of the usual time.
Cowboy Spinning Rope
Cowboy Spinning Rope Such as I have used professionally for over 20 years plus complete book of instructions. Postpaid anywhere in U.S.A. $3.25 DICK NASH, 50 Florida Ave. N.E. Washington 2, D. C.
PIPE HOLSTER gives protection against stem breakage. Worn over the belt or a suspender button, it will also hold pen, pencil, pliers, ruler or fishhooks. A sanitary plastic cup holds the stem in place
"Bubble" Top Auto
“Bubble” Top Auto Anticipating that cars of the future will have all-around vision, George Bartell of Detroit built a streamlined automobile with a transparent plastic top similar to an airplane gun turret or “bubble” canopy. Named the “Hollywood Streak,” the car is 48 inches high, 60 inches wide and 140 inches long from bumper to […]
Germs on Groceries Killed by Rays
Germs on Groceries Killed by Rays Housewives now can return home from shopping with germ-free groceries. A new “germ-killer,” designed for use in food stores, bathes the groceries in ultraviolet light. The unit is a plywood box with a large opening at one end. Baskets or carts of groceries, contaminated by handling, are placed in […]
Hobbyist Builds With Toothpicks
Hobbyist Builds With Toothpicks Building with toothpicks is the hobby of 14-year-old Martin Roberts who showed his models of a Ferris wheel and the Eiffel Tower at a New York hobby show. For the Ferris wheel he used 27,000 toothpicks.
Designs for Better Living
Pity the industrial designer. He must be one dream in front of his competitor, but if he dreams too far ahead, the customers stay away in droves By John R. Kinsey LOOK around your home. Study the appearance of your radio, refrigerator, bathroom scale or even that tube of toothpaste in the medicine cabinet. Maybe they look O.K. to you, but not to an army of engineers, research experts, artists, sculptors, draftsmen and model makers who are busy right now figuring out ways to make those products—and thousands of other things— look better, work better and sell better.
PICNIC STOVE and TRASH BURNER Tree stump of durable reinforced Haydite concrete with grill, charcoal pan, grate. Burns trash safely. Only $29.45 Freight prepaid east of Rockies For descriptive circular write to W. O. JOHNSON CO. Omaha 6. Neb.