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Jul, 1964
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Telephone booths on prowl
Telephone booths on prowl This mobile telephone truck, equipped with six pay phones and a coin changer, can speed to any spot in Washington, D.C., where emergency phone service is needed in a hurry. Its crew just hooks it into existing wires. While waiting for emergencies to call it into service, the Chesapeake and Potomac […]
Camel Time is pleasure time!
Camel Time is pleasure time! Time for easygoing taste… honest enjoyment … choice quality tobaccos. Moments seem to brighten up every time you light one up. Make it Camel Time right now! THE BEST TOBACCO MAKES THE BEST SMOKE!
What will that first trip be like when—soon— brave men soar into the skies to conquer the moon? Here is a preview of that great adventure By Tom Alexander Author of Project Apollo: Man to the Moon { Harper and Row, New York) Illustrations by Ray Pioch THE FLIGHT A top their vast and audibly seething assembly, three men lie breathing quick in concentration as earth and rocket begin to cast off lines. In the last second a hundred switches clatter, fires are kindled, valves open, flames belch and cough smokily. Long, slow vibrations run upward through the rocket to jostle the crew, then begin smoothing away as the launch pad's hold-down clamps fall. The Saturn poises, struggling against earth's gravity and an atmosphere clinging like glue to its sides. It rises in a thunderous stroke to stage-one burnout at 150 seconds and 36 miles. ...
At least Mets' scoreboard is a champion
The fanciest scoreboard in sports, the 86-foot high, 175-foot long giant beyond the New York Mets' right-field fence at Shea Stadium requires 28,000 lights and 80 miles of wire. Operated entirely by remote control, it can flash 270 illuminated characters within two seconds of transmission. Lamps are arranged in clusters to form letters and numbers. They show the score, flash messages, give the name and background of the batter, form words for songs, and make spots of color synchonized with music.
Lilliputian's-eye viewer puts you inside tiny model
This makes those dorky 3D walk-throughs seem a lot more useful doesn’t it? Lilliputian’s-eye viewer puts you inside tiny model A slender optical tube fitted with 18 miniature lenses provides realistic views inside architects’, landscapers’, town planners’, and other scale models. With a camera and adapter on the eyepiece, you get photos like the circular […]
Private screens at drive-in movie
Private screens at drive-in movie Every seat is a good seat at this drive-in theater in Albuquerque, N. Mex. It has 260 individual three-by-five-foot screens, one for each of the cars it can accommodate in two concentric circles. A projection booth in the center uses regular movie equipment, but a single image is projected on […]