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Jun, 1932
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Jan, 1934
Antenna Now a Loud Speaker
RADIO "freaks" or hearing of programs without apparatus, are reported occasionally; but are usually hard to verify. However, an occurrence at the Hilversum (Holland) station, reported by no less an authority than Dr. Balthasar van der Pol, in a letter to Nature, is well authenticated by competent observation.
New Devices for General Use
Telephone Timer • OUR grandmothers boiled eggs by little three-minute sand-glasses, like this one, which tells the long-distance talker what time he has taken. Washes and Sprinkles • ANY garden hose takes these units, which wash and clean the car, and sprinkle the grass and flowers efficiently. For Jobs in the Dark • YOUR light falls just where you look, if you wear these electric "spectacles," which throw considerable light. Can be worn over glasses.
Proposed Dual-Purpose Plane To Rise Vertically
I can’t decide if this plane looks more like a fish or a banana? Proposed Dual-Purpose Plane To Rise Vertically THE machine illustrated at the left, in various operating positions, is the subject of a recent U. S. patent issued to Umberto Savoia, and assigned to the Fiat Co., well-known Italian manufacturers. Its purpose is […]
Rosicrucians Ad: Are you a ROBOT?
Are you a ROBOT – OR DO YOU THINK FOR YOURSELF? DARE you throw off the shackles of tradition and orthodoxy? Do you close your eyes and say, “What was good enough for those before me is good enough for me?” For centuries the knowledge about himself has been kept from man— suppressed. Today the […]
the modern method of cooling food products Here is the latest, sensationally new way of chilling food—cooling drinks in hot weather, and keeping food fresh and appetizing while on the table. Place SILVERICE BALLS in any ice-making refrigerator chamber long enough to freeze—take them out—drop two balls in a glass of water, ginger ale or other drink. In a few minutes you have a cool, refreshing drink. SILVERICE BALLS placed in a butter dish or salad plate, keeps butter chilled and firm—the salad crisp and tasty.
New Italian Airplane for High Speed is a Flying Tunnel
New Italian Airplane for High Speed is a Flying Tunnel THIS odd machine, the Stipa-Caproni, which has just been completed in Italy, and has passed severe tests, is expected to be the type of future record-breakers. The propeller, it will be seen, is located in a cylinder, through which the air-stream is driven. This “Venturi […]
New Electrical Devices from Europe
Electric Dancing Master • ONE of Germany s popular radio announcers, Walter Carlos, has recently developed apparatus, illustrated at the right and below, for instruction in the newest steps. It is operated with a phonograph, carrying the latest dance music, synchronized with the mechanism, so that the feet of dancing couples, illuminated by concealed lamps (as the back view shows) traverse the small circle, executing movements which are to be followed by the learners. This may be watched from any point on the floor. Instructions to the dancers are given also by the phonograph.
Delusions About Shaving (Jan, 1933)
By J. G. Pratt The author of this article has gained an international reputation for his remarkable work in high-powered microscopic photography, as Scientific Photographer for the Bureau of Entomology, U. S. Department of Agriculture, Washington, D. C. This article was prepared by special arrangement with the editors of this publication. AMONG countless thousands of men who shave every morning before breakfast, probably few phases of the process equal in importance the factor of one's own imagination. In the following paragraphs it is not my intention to criticise any one's personal habits, but merely to present a few scientific facts to help the man who does his own shaving, and perhaps guide him in the purchase of new razor accessories.
Spring-Driven Boat Model
Spring-Driven Boat Model RIVER boats, with the paddle wheel at the stern, are well known in many localities. A simple little model, which will run fast, can be made as shown, from a board. A, 18″ by 6″ by 1/2″ thick (although any size may be used) with a 3″ by 4″ notch cut in […]
Ad: Miscellaneous goodies and gadgets
A cool ad for miscellaneous goodies and gadgets from the JOHNSON SMITH & CO. Giant sized version so you can actually read the text. BOYS! THROW YOUR VOICE THE VENTRILO BOY AMATEUR ELECTRICIAN 10c BIG ENTERTAINER Fighting Roosters GOOD LUCK RING PLAY PIANO INONEHOUR MIDGET BIBLE
Largest Private Plane is Flying Yacht
Der plane! Der plane! Largest Private Plane is Flying Yacht • THE huge machine illustrated here appears to rival some of the air liners that have figured in trans-ocean flights. It is, however, the property of a wealthy British sportsman. Its cabins are luxuriously furnished as living quarters for protracted trips; the upholstered seats and […]