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Oct, 1940
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Feb, 1952
Giant Six-Ton Camera "Drafts" Aircraft
CAMERAS and photography are playing a greater part in modern industry than most people realize. Airplanes, born on the engineer's drafting board, virtually are nursed through adolescence in the photographic darkroom. Like dressmaking, the building of an airplane requires a full-size pattern— called a template—for each individual part.
TAKES THE "CLACK" Out off False Teeth
Crown dental plate fastener Here's new amazing mouth comfort!Enjoy that feeling of security ... of having your own teeth again. Satisfy your desire for all foods. Stop suffering the embarrassment and discomfort caused by "clacking" dental plates!
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Box and Crate Engineering
That may be a recognized course of study some of these days By WM. J. DUCHAINE UNIVERSITIES and engineering schools, now that the war is over, quite likely will offer courses in "box-and-crate engineering." Industrial concerns, who employ safety engineers, chemical engineers, and others with specialized training, will add experts on container construction to their staffs. Packing and shipping of postwar industrial products will become an exact science, and for no small number of college graduates it will become a profession.
MONORAIL Comes of Age
By PHIL GLANZER IMAGINE boarding a sleek, gleaming car and speeding to your office or home at 200 miles an hour—noiselessly and without a jar! Imagine living out in the wide open spaces where you've always wanted to live, away from the crowds and smoke and noise of cities—even a hundred miles distant from your work, yet only a half-hour commuting-time away. Imagine crossing the continent in nine hours at 300 miles an hour, at a cost of not more than a cent a mile!