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Dairy Industry In General Can Look Forward To Another Good Year
WHERE IS THE DAIRY INDUSTRY HEADED IN 1967? Generally the outlook is bright. Milk supplies, it appears, will be adequate. Production in recent months has recovered from a slump lasting a year and a half. Apparently this will not have great effect on the price processors must pay because USDA has moved quickly to stabilize prices. It remains to be seen whether these supports will slow the exodus of producers from dairy farming.
Drama-print is coming!
Drama-print is coming! Drama-print is a cross-product promotion that moves your related items with four-color, true-color appeal . Drama-print is a premium promotion in living color that draws a crowd. Drama-print is a tasteful, table-ready carton that brightens up a meal. Drama-print can be your promotable difference. Remember the name… Drama-print. Weyerhaeuser Paperboard Packaging Division […]
never underestimate the POWER of a woman
never underestimate the POWER of a woman She Knows Home-Delivered Ice Cream Is a Convenience Customers choose dairies for many reasons—but convenience is probably the best reason for home-delivered milk and ice cream. A Sales Plan for upgrading “to the home” sales has been developed by Kari-Kold. It’s a proven program. If you have failed […]