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Dec, 1936
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May, 1942
Don't wait for a Cold to get a head start — go after it right away with LISTERINE.
EXPOSURE? GARGLE LISTERINE When a person coughs or sneezes on you, the air carries bacteria and deposits them in your nose and throat. Prompt action with Listerine, which kills germs, may avert an oncoming cold. DRAFTS? GARGLE LISTERINE Like wet feet, drafts are dangerous because they chill the body unequally, weakening its resistance to germs. Avoid all drafts, and when you have been in one, gargle Listerine.
Give Her a Hoover
and you give her the best Nearly 700,000 husbands have given the Hoover for Christmas It's the all 'round gift for all the year 'round, to make cleaning easier for every woman who owns it. This Christmas there's a Hoover Cleaning Ensemble for every house and house wife. It's the new idea—rug and furniture cleaner in one ensemble. Saves her strength —easier to use —made with magnesium, one-third lighter than aluminum. Saves her time—converts instantly from rug to furniture cleaner.
HELPING HIM TO MAINTAIN THE NATIONS HIGHWAYS OF SPEECH Telephone men need good equipment to do a good job and to give you good service. Western Electric apparatus is right in design and right in quality—made specially to fit the needs of the Bell Telephone System. Quick, nation-wide delivery by Western Electric, dramatic in time […]
Why Billy C. was benched
There he sat on the sidelines . . . all through football days. With the finest new football outfit in the neighborhood .. . with everything but a place on the eleven. Baffled and hurt as only a twelve-year-old can be he tried desperately. But fumbled the ball. Couldn't keep up with plays. Just couldn't make the grade.
Envy the savage? Yes!
Envy the savage? Yes! This ancient savage had to work hard to get a fire — and his cookery wasn’t expert. But his rough, primitive fare exercised his teeth — kept them strong and healthy. We moderns eat soft, civilized foods — our teeth get too little healthful exercise. DENTYNE HELPS KEEP TEETH SOUNDER, WHITER. […]
TASTES BETTER THAN EVER Ex-Lax now has a smoother, richer chocolate flavor—tastes like a choice confection ! You'll like it even better than you did before. ACTS BETTER THAN EVER Ex-Lax is now even more effective than it used to be. Empties the bowels more thoroughly, more smoothly, in less time than before.
LOSE BAD BREATH - Keep Your Friends
In spite of all that has been written about bad breath, thousands still lose friends through this unpleasant fault. Yet sour stomach with its resultant bad breath is frequently only the result of constipation. Just as loss of appetite, early weakness, nervousness, mental dullness, can all be caused by it.
Don't Punish Your Stomach to Relieve Constipation!
When you're dull, tired, upset, headachy due to constipation, don't take chances on making bad matters worse! Remember, no other type of laxative CAN do exactly what FEEN-A-MINT does ! It safeguards against trouble in 3 special ways: 1. NO STOMACH UPSET—you don't swallow a heavy, bulky dose; there's nothing to burden your overworked digestion.
Ad: Blu-Jay Corn Plasters
DON’T USE A KNIFE! Corns come back BIGGER UGLIER unless removed Root and all A knife is always dangerous, and paring corns leaves the root imbedded in the toe to grow back bigger—more painful. Why risk infection? Use the new,safe, double-action Blue-Jay method that stops pain instantly, by removing pressure, then in 3 short days […]
Racist Laxative Ad
Setting aside the ridiculously stereotyped language of the porter, a laxative to cure a cold? Really? She caught cold on her honeymoon BRIDE: Wouldn’t you know? I’m catching cold! Guess I’ll arrive saying, “Califordia, here I cub.” GROOM: What you need — pronto — is a laxative and something to help counteract acidity. If only… […]