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Dec, 1937
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DO YOU believe that the Japanese launched their attack as a form of national suicide? If so, you're wrong. They have dared to attack the most powerful nation in the world simply because they believe our national characteristics prove us to be vulnerable.
The war has stirred a new wave of interest in hypnotism. Scientists are exploring anew the mysterious powers locked in the human mind. Can we harness these powers for our use? Here are strange experiments and surprising discoveries of modern mind masters.
I don’t know about in 1942, but I’m pretty sure that snooping on another person’s mail is against the law in every city and state. IT’S THE LAW! by Dick Hyman Moonshiners in Pittsburgh, Fa., are required by law to hang out a sign explaining that they are operating a still. An Ogden, Utah, ordinance […]
The Watch that can't be copied 'til 1959...
yet it's offered to you today for $49.75! IF YOU HAVE a good eye for distinguished values—you will look twice at Gruen Curvex. This slenderly styled watch —the thinnest curved wristwatch made— has been acclaimed "America's smartest" by America's ten foremost fashion experts. And Curvex gives you clipped-second accuracy in addition to its exquisite design.
CAUSE FOR DIVORCE - Wife Divorces All-Day Sucker
by Wm. Steig Mrs. Estelle Whamp sued her husband, Ernest, for divorce today on the ground that he was more devoted to lollipops than to her. She testified that he carried them wherever he went, licking them noisily at home, on the street, in his office, at the movies, and, worst of all, before her friends.
When you taste that famous Schlitz flavor, you will understand why it made its home town famous. A reputation like that doesn't come just by chance. People who imagine that all beer is bitter get a pleasant surprise when they drink America's most distinguished beer. Every day more people say, "I never knew that beer could taste so good." There is no substitute for Schlitz — a beer so fine that it made a city famous.
Put Your Best Fault Forward
Charm is a state of mind, not a gift from heaven. It shows in the little things you do—how you answer the phone, or put out your cigarette. Here's wise advice from an expert who has helped thousands to build attractive personality. by Rose Marie Bourdillon Madame Bourdillon (she doesn't insist on the "Madame") is a leading American authority on the art of personal charm. Thousands have turned to her for advice and instruction on how to turn it on with the aid of make-up, dress, manners, and character improvement. She holds degrees in psychology, art, and pharmaceutical chemistry, having studied in Yale University, the Connecticut School of Pharmacy, and the Sorbonne in Paris.
by Don Eddy If you are not yet awake to the peril of invasion on our west coast, this article will give you a jolt. For weeks Mr. Eddy has been hot on the trail of enemies in our midst. He has seen U.S. agents uncover nests of spies working with short-wave radio, blinkers, signal flags, and carrier pigeons. And we've been handling these deadly snakes with kid gloves! Eighty per cent of them slip from the Army's grip through legal loopholes. With our shores in imminent danger, this article is a challenging call for action. JUST before midnight on last December 22, a young California farmer and his girl were sitting in a parked automobile at the brink of a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It was a clear, crisp night.
Blossom out with Crispness
"Chirping robins, bursting buds - Goodbye breakfasts that are duds! Serve Rice Krispies - dish sublime. Put your world in merry chime!" they're like a dish from some never-never land... delicious... amazingly different!
Undies are Gossips!
Undies are Gossips! Avoid Offending -LUX undies daily. WE ALL PERSPIRE up to 2 or 3 pints a day, scientists say. Undies absorb the odor. You don’t notice it, but others do. Play safe — Lux underthings after every wearing. New, quick Lux whisks away perspiration odor fast, yet safely. Undies new-looking longer! Daily Luxing […]
Interesting People in the American Scene
Interesting People in the American Scene Governor. ROBERT OSCAR BLOOD is one public official who looks after the physical as well as the political needs of his constituents. Besides being Governor of New Hampshire, he is a practicing physician, and often keeps a committee waiting in the state capitol at Concord while he dashes over […]