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Feb, 1983
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Jul, 1984
Global Thermonuclear War!
A fast-action, high-strategy game with full color graphics, exciting animation, and realistic sound effects. Features include HAL™ speech synthesis (without special hardware), option to play as enemy or defender, and top ten score display.
Apple Announces the Lisa 2
by Gregg Williams When several of us at BYTE saw the Macintosh, we were seriously concerned about the fate of the Lisa in the face of the Macintosh, a machine that is one-third its price and clearly superior in some areas. Apple has answered these concerns by announcing two versions of the Lisa 2, along with the Macintosh, at its annual stockholders' meeting on January 24.
The making of Macintosh - An Interview with The Macintosh Design Team
This is a pretty fantastic article. It’s really amazing how forward thinking these guys were. I loved how Jobs kept pointing out the fact that the Macintosh was designed so well that it actually had less chips than a standard IBM video card. It’s also pretty incredible to see how Steve Jobs’ devotion to making […]
Byte review of the original Macintosh
Mouse-window-desktop technology arrives for under $2500 by Gregg Williams Apple established itself as one of the leading innovators in personal computing technology a year ago by introducing the Lisa, a synthesis and extension of human-interface technology that has since been widely imitated. Now the company has strengthened that reputation with a new machine, the Macintosh (above). In terms of technological sophistication and probable effect on the marketplace, the Macintosh will outdistance the Lisa as much as the Lisa has outdistanced its predecessors.