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Sep, 1952
In Fatima the Difference is Quality
That’s a pretty specific claim. Not the best cigarette, just the best long cigarette. In Fatima the Difference is Quality “I smoked FATIMAS when I was a Midshipman. I still do… because they have a better flavor and aroma. FATIMA is easily the best of all long cigarettes.” VICE ADMIRAL Leland Lovette U. S. N. […]
The Foster Portfolio
My business is handling other people's money, and I have a great respect for money. But how could I help a man like Herbert Foster, who had such an odd feeling about it? By KURT VONNEGUT, Jr. I'M a salesman of good advice for rich people. I'm a contact man for an investment counseling firm. It's a living, but not a whale of a one —or at least not now, when I'm just starting out. To qualify for the job, I hud to buy a Homburg, a navy-blue overcoat, a double-breasted banker's-gray suit, black shoes, a regimental-stripe tie, half a dozen white shirts, half a dozen pairs of black socks and gray gloves.
let's see...There are eyes, and eyes!
There are eyes that grope in a world of blurs and double images... neglected eyes, straining to see, plaguing their owners with untold misery. Then there are eyes that really see! Eyes, so bright, so clear, they add a plus value to everything in life. They are a precision tool on the production line, speeding the job, guarding against accidents.
By ROBERT CAHN She's filmdom's Marilyn Monroe: Miss Cheesecake to GIs, whistle-bait in the studios—and an actress on her way up. IT WAS the kind of family party that Hollywood studios periodically throw for their outlying salesmen and picture-exchange executives in order to whoop up enthusiasm for the company's forthcoming product. The Cafe de Paris, more simply known as the 20th Century-Fox commissary, was crowded with a cheery assemblage of studio bigwigs and freshly manicured salesmen. For five days, in an atmosphere of backslapping camaraderie, the guests had watched the celluloid unroll, the same films which they were expected to describe as colossal and mean it.
See how KLEENEX serves just ONE
Perfect balance. Of course you want a soft tissue —a strong tissue. Kleenex* has the "just right" combination of softness and brawn. (Thanks to a special process.) And each Kleenex tissue is perfectly uniform: always the same topflight quality you know you can depend on for every use —from colds to makeup removal.
CONEY ISLAND — Which Way's the Ocean?
BY MURRAY ROBINSON - ILLUSTRATED BY LOWELL HESS. They call this beach The Poor Man's Riviera, but on any hot Sunday substitute Bedlam-by-the-Sea. It's also the only known habitat of certain species yet unclassified by science—like the knish bootlegger THE defendant in Coney Island Magistrates' Court one muggy midsummer morning was a squat, balding man in a sport shirt. He listened impatiently as the charge against him was read: A startled policeman had found him on the jammed beach fetchingly attired in a woman's ofF-the-shoulder dress, and had given him a summons for "causing a crowd to collect."