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Sep, 1951
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Sep, 1954
Smoke for Pleasure today— No Cigarette Hangover tomorrow!
Remember: Philip Morris is made differently from any other leading brand. And that difference is your guarantee of everything you've ever wanted in a cigarette . . . tasty mildness, rich flavor, pleasant aroma ... a clean, refreshing smoke . . . and NO CIGARETTE HANGOVER!
The majority of non-Catholics do not question the patriotism of their Catholic fellow-citizens. They have seen too many Catholic sons die beside their own on countless battlefields. They have stood too often with Catholics in defense of common ideals and a common heritage. Yet the ugly voice of bigotry is heard again — warning that Catholics "owe allegiance to a foreign potentate"... that "Popery" is a "menace to democracy". .. even that Catholicism is as "totalitarian as Communism."
COOK and WASH on your REFRIGERATOR! Complete kitchen in 5 sq. ft. Combines refrigerator, sink, 3 gas burners and storage drawer. Available with electric burners, 220 or 110 v. Also without sink. 5 yr. guar. General air conditioning corp. NATIONWIDE SALES AND SERVICE 4530 E. Dunham St. • Los Angeles 23, Calif. Chicago Office: Dept. […]
Escape from the commonplace
Whoever rebranded Marlboro to the red and white boxes could not possibly have been paid enough. It looks like someone scrawled on the box with a red sharpie. Also, nowadays any copywriter who tried to put the word “habit” in a cigarette ad would not have a job for very long. Escape from the commonplace […]