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Sep, 1952
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New Bell Solar Battery Converts Sun's Rays Into Electricity
Bell Telephone Laboratories demonstrate new device for using power from the sun. Great and kindly is the sun. Each day it bathes the earth in light, bringing life to everything on earth. Scientists have long reached for the secret of the sun. For they have known that it sends us nearly as much energy daily as is contained in all known reserves of coal, oil and uranium.
The planes that don't (try to) redesign people
Design of every Douglas airliner starts at a single point, you—your comfort in the air, from breathing to eating to relaxing. Basically, this is the result of the correct aerodynamic design of Douglas planes which you can recognize in the straight-line shape from the nose right back to the single tail.
How Solid-State Electronics Will Change Your Life
Tiny solids are turning the electronics industry upside down. Some vibrate, others change light to energy or energy to light, or direct current to alternating. Together, they spell revolution A NEW science, stereatronics, has been creeping up on us in the last few years and has started to make major changes in the way we live. Few of us have noticed any difference; the changes have come so quietly that even many of the people who are closest to the new science are surprised at what it has been doing. Yet the evidences have been all about us. —Television sets are a great deal less expensive now than they were a relatively few months ago. —More and more tape recorders are being sold. Five years back, they were too costly for most people. Ten years ago, they weren't to be had at any price.