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for Holiday GIFTING and Fabulous FEASTING READY-TO-SIZZLE STEAKS READY-TO-EAT TREATS Give the gift of heavenly dining pleasure—delight the family with Forst's succulent, golden-brown Smoked Turkeys, aromatically spiced, apple-wood smoked, or mouth-watering, sugar-cured, hickory-smoked Hams. Or cook up some sizzling flavor excitement with Forst fancy-restaurant-quality steaks —luxurious, tender, juicy aristocrats of steakdom!
Imagine! Your Christmas Greeting Inside a Chinese Fortune Cooky!
Your Friends will be Amazed and Delighted When They Open this Gay Attractive Package And See Your Personalized Greeting Think of it! Just picture this scene, taking place in each of your friends' homes! Approximately one or two weeks before Christmas this year, your friends' doorbell rings! There, in the hands of their postman, along with the usual run of ordinary Christmas cards, is something completely different — a small, cardboard Christmas container, with their name and address on the front, but with no other identification!
That guy looks really excited about huffing his oxygen. I wonder if the tanks come with the prosthetic hand too? INSTANT OXYGEN Full Gallon only $1.98 Completely Safe Medically Pure These USP oxygen tanks should be on hand at all times—for any purpose where small amounts of oxygen are required quickly. These are quick-supply aerosol […]