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Jun, 1960
The Fuel Cell - electricity from air...
The life blood of electronics—electricity—is now being concocted directly from gaseous fuels. THERE'S a- fuel cell in your future. Dozens of scientists and engineers all over the world are racing to perfect this new way—that is also one of the oldest ways—of making electricity.
Universal Cable Adapter
By Art Trauffer Built into a typewriter ribbon case, this adapter permits over 50 combinations of cable connections. WHEN the writer finished making this adapter he started to count the different combinations of connections that can be made with it, but when he reached 50 he gave up. Certainly, 50 is not the limit for this versatile and easily-made adapter. If you build one of these you will save much time and trouble when joining together various types of connectors in radio and electronics experimental and test work.
Tweeter Globe
By Steven Hahn This novel addition to your hi-fi system will overcome the problem of high frequency distribution. ONE problem in high fidelity reproduction is the distribution of high frequency sounds. In the low frequency range, this is a minor problem because of the comparatively large size of the speaker radiating element and the distribution patterns of the sound waves. However, as one increases the frequency, the waves begin to take on more and more the characteristics of light beams; that is, they are comparatively narrow and have a tendency to reflect from various surfaces.
New Tiny Tape Recorders
Once there were none, now there are many battery-powered tape recorders at a variety of prices. A BOUT five years ago you would have had to look mighty hard to find a small, battery-operated tape recorder. Chances are that if you had wanted one badly enough, you would have had it especially made for you at a fancy figure. Today, however, all that is changed. Whether you be in America, Europe, or Asia, you can take your pick of many transistorized recorders—and there are more coming all the time!
Radio Aids Driver Trainees
High school students learning to drive hear about their "road manners" through in-car radio setup. BEFORE Flint, Mich., began its driver training program four years ago it had hit rock bottom in traffic safety for cities its size. Now Flint is number two.
Radio-Powered Sky Station
A loft on microwave power, sky station will provide better communications, better missile-age defense. THE controlled transmission of energy through space is no longer a dream of scientists or the exclusive tool of fiction writers—it is reality.
All About Ham Nets
By George Hart, W1NJM Yes, there's a place for organized "rag chewing," but the byword of most ham nets is "service." ALL over the amateur radio bands you can hear them—between 500 and 1,000 groups of operators calling themselves "nets." You might hear, for example, one station say: "Old man, you're interfering with the Podunk Net. Wonder if you'd mind standing by or moving to another frequency so we can clear our traffic."
30-inch loudspeaker
30-inch loudspeaker For audiophiles who like to feel the deep bass in recorded music, Electro-Voice has perfected its 30-inch loudspeaker, the model 30W. Write to manufacturer in Buchanan, Michigan for more information.
EI Picturescope
Back in 1929, a pretty girl who wanted to listen to a portable radio had to have a weightlifter for a boy friend. Nowadays, a pert lass, such as West German starlet Maria Perschy, can "lug" her own portable, in this case a Telefunken. Sports attire also seems to have dwindled over the years.
Brainy Man Builds Better Brains
What does it take to be an electronics genius? Here is a profile of a young British candidate. THE electronic genius of 27-year-old Gordon Pask hasn't exactly stood the world on its ear. For example, his first invention, a musical typewriter, was simply too expensive to run. T