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Farewell to the ugly cigarette.
Apparently these are still around. Farewell to the ugly cigarette. Smoke pretty. eve. Hello to Eve. The first truly feminine cigarette-its almost as pretty as you are. With pretty filter tip. Pretty pack. Rich, yet gentle flavor, women have been feminine since Eve. Now cigarettes are feminine. Since Eve. Also with menthol.
The Amazing Space Age Slenderizer that is so sensationally effective it is ... GUARANTEED TO REDUCE YOUR WAIST, TUMMY. HIPS AND THIGHS A TOTAL OF FROM 6 TO 9 INCHES IN JUST 3 DAYS OR YOUR MONEY REFUNDED TRIM-JEANS — THE SPACE AGE SLENDERIZER WITH RESULTS THAT ARE OUT OF THIS WORLD, The trim-jeans are a marvel of ease, comfort and efficiency. Once you have slipped them on, you are ready for the most astounding experience in rapid slenderizing you have ever known.
Um… I’M THIRSTY Want a little peace and Quiet? Make a pitcher of Kool-Aid every morning. Then it’s always ready when they are. Kool-Aid brand soft drink mix is inexpensive. Kids love it. Never be without it It works.