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Oct, 1955
It's almost as if it were alive!
and only BENDIX AGITATOR WASHERS have it... the TUB that really WORKS to get your clothes clean! The Bendix flexible Metaxaloy Wondertub actually CHANGES SHAPE as it goes through its cycle! It's stronger than steel, more durable than porcelain. It can't chip, crack, or rust. We GUARANTEE it in writing for 5 FULL YEARS!
Somebody Loves Me...
When other girls of her age were out with their boy friends of a Saturday night, Marilyn sat home with Rover. Good, old faithful Rover ... he didn't mind the trouble* that put Marilyn in wrong wherever she went. Even your best friend won't tell you. The insidious thing about *halitosis (unpleasant breath) is that you, yourself, seldom realize you're guilty of it . . . and even your best friend won't tell you.