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May, 1934
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"Here's to our Golden Wedding"
...AND THE MELLOWNESS THAT GROWS AND GROWS WITH YEARS DELICIOUSNESS ... in that one word you will find the answer to "Why is America choosing Golden Wedding to celebrate with today?" The average age of Golden Wedding is 4 years old.
Luckies - They Taste Better
What newspaper are your children reading?
• Does it do its best to present the whole truth? • Does it give both sides of disputed questions? • Does it have convictions—and is it fair to those who disagree? • Does it show the world as it is, without distortion? • Does it winnow out the chaff from the wheat in the day's news? • Is it exciting without being sensational?
Any Day at the Plaza
Any Day at the Plaza At all hours guests arriving from Europe, America… from the far corners of the world. Seasoned travelers — they have stayed at famous hotels everywhere, but… their homecoming at the Plaza is an event. Here they rediscover rich tradition… gracious hospitality… friendly service and splendid convenience. Truly the Plaza is […]