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Feb, 1935
On dining well
O noble gastronomic music, descend... and inspire this discourse...! The joys of eating beautifully prepared food are perhaps more immediate, complex and compelling than those derived from any daily experience. For what other art calls at once upon the four senses of taste, touch, sight and smell? Such a complicated variety of stimuli is reserved for devotees of the culinary cult.
A Gay Family
by Ethel Boileau This delightful book has now become one of the most popular novels of the present season. As one of the readers of this book expressed it, "'A Gay Family' appeals to those of us who enjoy a well written and unusually entertaining story about nice people. It is definitely a book for nice people who have breeding and character and culture.
coffee nerves?
Exhausted? Suffering from jittery nerves... sleepless nights? Many times coffee's the trouble... coffee containing caffeine. Give your nerves a chance to relax! Switch to Kellogg's Kaffee-Hag Coffee! Blend of finest Brazilian and Colombian coffees, 97% caffeine-free. Doesn't drive you... can't upset you... can't cost you one wink of sleep.
Along with thousands of others, you may be planning to go to Hawaii some day. It would be only natural. This island paradise has won a permanent place in the affections of the world. Somehow it sums up rest, recreation, rejuvenation. What may at first have seemed extravagant overstatement concerning these islands of eternal May has proved a matter of statistics. Even the most prose-minded visitors to Hawaii have grown lyrical in singing its praises and started others planning to go.
"If Only Parents Understood"
by Frank S. Hackett Former President, Camp Directors Association OUT in the deep woods, under the stars, when boys on their beds of balsam boughs are at last asleep, and the camp fire is just glowing embers, the conversation of the leaders often turns to wondering how parents who have not had this experience could understand the full meaning of it.
This is a true Air-line Car; therefore Beautiful
Efficient streamlining is always beautiful. It is no accident that the swiftest birds are always the most graceful PROFESSOR ALEXANDER KLEMIN Director, Daniel Guggenheim School of Aeronautics, New York City, says, "Smooth lines and improved visual appearance are associated with Hupmobile's reduced air resistance." Many have talked about it. Some have tried to achieve it. But, in the opinion of most authorities, only Hupp has built it... the true Aero-dynamic car... a car that inevitably combines rare beauty and new efficiency.
Manhattan Cocktail
At the fashionable places today, the Manhattan cocktail is again the correct aperitif, just as it was in the days of Martin's, Sherry's and the old Beaux Arts when it was made with authentic Spring Garden Rye. Aging for you through all the slow years in charred white oak barrels, this fine whiskey now comes to you in a mellow blend which has taken on added character and distinction.
Vacationers abroad are looking to the Soviet Union to supply the thrills of travel lacking in the beaten-track countries. The inducement to visit the U.S.S.R. is enhanced by the fact that travel dollars have undergone no deflation there. Intourist rates existing before the dollar went off gold have been retained in dollars for 1934. All-inclusive travel service is offered at $15 per day First Class; $8 per day Tourist Class and $5 per day Special Class.