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Sep, 1965
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Nov, 1965
ALWAYS ASK A MAN: Arlene Dahl's Key To Femininity
Just Published! ARLENE DAHL'S exciting new book for every woman who wants to be as attractive as she possibly can- ARLENE DAHL SAYS: "Women are like snowflakes - no two in the world are exactly alike. Bring your own special feminine light out in the open and you'll be surprised at how brightly it will shine — and how it will reflect an answering light in the eyes of men."
Nothing expresses you like your hair. Used to be teased, held rigidly in place. Now let it go! Hairstyles come and go. And it's important to keep up with them to show you're aware of the all important world around you. But no matter what happens, the part that is important is strong, clean hair. To keep it clean, you must shampoo at least once a week (oftener if you have an oily skin condition.) You can't wash it too often if you are careful to rinse thoroughly.