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Jun, 1954
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Oct, 1967
Every litter bit hurts YOU
Every litter bit hurts YOU (Louis Nye-The Cleanup Man) Trash? Litter? Empties? Don’t heave them overboard! Carry a litterbag in your boat. Hold everything for the first trash container on shore or take it home for proper disposal. Remember— our waterways belong to all of us. Litter pollutes the waters, fouls propellers, spoils fishing fun […]
fun stars by Converse
I could be wrong, but I’m guessing Converse shoes are not made in America anymore. Although Converse isn’t on the list (New Balance is), you can check here and here to see what’s still manufactured in America (not just Fritos) fun stars by Converse Great way to start summer Here’s miles of fun for the […]
Helping you see all the meat before you pay for it This is Monsanto today
Helping you see all the meat before you pay for it This is Monsanto today These days, when you buy pre-packaged meats, you won’t be blindfolded by the wrapping. Not with Monsanto’s see-through plastic meat trays. You see top, bottom and sides of your dinner-to-be, so there’s no unhappy surprise later on. It’s freezer-ready without […]
When this dust mop pad gets dirty.. .you just throw it away!
The new Bissell Disposable Dust Mop The secret? ... a spun cellulose pad which picks up even elusive threads and hair. Picks up dirt, doesn't just push it around, like old-fashioned dust mops. And when one side of the pad gets dirty, you just turn it over, use it again... then, throw it away.
A new world of flight will begin in 1969. And Pan Am will begin it.
Yesterday, they were no more than dreams on a drawing board. Today, they're on their way to reality. And the reality will be a new world of almost unbelievable speed and size, comfort and quiet.
Architecture's Leap into the Future
Photographed by MARK KAUFFMAN and MICHAEL ROUGIER It could have been the imagery of a mad poet or a god. A transparent bubble flung up by the U.S. breaks the sky 20 stories high, and across the way the Russians have hung walls of glass on a ski jump of a roof. The architecture of Expo 67, Montreal's world's fair which opens this week, is a stunning leap into tomorrow. The West Germans came with a tent you could lose a small town in and draped it over giant poles.