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Jun, 1949
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Jun, 1954
The discipline and literal-mindedness of the Germans help make them both the most immaculate of craftsmen and the most laborious of humorists. These two aspects of the German spirit were caught in one inspired outburst by the man who thought up the contrivance above.
A scary femme fatale peddles old horror films on TV At an hour before midnight each Saturday on many Los Angeles TV screens, a gaunt, black-wigged mistress of ceremonies steps out of ominous, drifting mists, screams hysterically into a shuddering camera, intones the greeting in the headline above and then sighs morbidly, "I hope you have been lucky enough to have had a horrible week."
Germany Awakens
PEWTER, PLIERS AND PORSCHES German manufacturers make a vast array of products for the special tastes of foreign consumers For millions of shoppers around the world the words "made in Germany" have always meant such ingenious, finely machined articles as are arranged on the opposite page. These products, once again available to consumers everywhere, still bear the mark of the clever and inventive German mind. The Niirnberg and Black Forest toy industries have repeated their prewar successes with steam engines, working cranes and remote-controlled automobiles and moved into new educational fields with plastic motors. Camera companies, which perfected their Leicas, Contaxes, Rolleiflexes and Linhofs before the war, have refined new models. New German ideas range from an automobile dashboard gadget that whips up a cup of coffee to a Plexiglas-covered scooter.
"Golden Flavor"
Where do you think they make this beer? Minnesota or something? “Golden Flavor” makes Milwaukee’s finest beer even finer! MILWAUKEE – Blatz Beer – Brewed in Milwaukee! First in Milwaukee! Finest in Milwaukee!