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May, 1954
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Apr, 1967
"Should auld acquaintance be forgot"
Somewhere today there is someone who would like to hear the sound of your voice. A friendly visit by telephone is the next best thing to being there in person.
Tan gloriously
Now get a lovelier, smoother tan... faster... with Skol's exclusive formula You can be a sun-goddess without a care... get the most strikingly beautiful tan of your life, when you smooth on marvelous new-formula Skol.
Best for honeys like you - ever since Mother was a baby, too!
Asleep now, but soon his growing appetite will be demanding attention. He craves variety ... and gets it from the four different-tasting Pablum cereals ... so easy to digest . . . high in nutritional values so important right up through his third year.
Jantzen ad - any girl can be beautiful and new
any girl can be beautiful and new … thanks to Jantzen “shape – insurance” “shape-insurance” is a marvelous new Jantzen figuremaking technique… the big sensation in swim suit design. It assures you continuous performance in the department of slimming, smoothing, curving and planing … moulds you a lovely bustline and holds it forever and ever […]
How to make Father pop... with pride!
Surprise him with some of the handsomest, best-looking sport shirts he's ever seen. Best of all, they're made of super-cool, handkerchief-weight cottons which will admit every peewee breeze that blows. Take your pick of whites, man-sized checks, cool-looking solid colors, and plain colors, with small, neat patterns. Every shirt colorfast and "Sanforized," plus the famous Arafold collar for new smartness and comfort. $3.95.
IF SWEET SOFT DRINKS LEAVE YOU THIRSTY… SWITCH TO SQUIRT Never an after thirst! Fresh clean taste as you drink Squirt …fresh clean taste after you drink Squirt …never an after-thirst! When you serve mixed drinks, and when you drink, be smooth about it… Switch to Squirt, the SMOOTH mixer. Copyright 1954, The Squirt Company. […]
"But Elmer, I didn't say it would make you live to 90!" said Elsie, the Borden Cow.
"I don't need anything to help ME live to 90," bellowed Elmer the bull. "I HAVE DECIDED THAT I'M GOING TO LIVE TO 105 WITHOUT ANY HELP!" "Well, if you're planning to live that long," laughed Elsie, "there's more reason than ever for you to drink Borden's Buttermilk every day."
Going Steady
TEEN-AGERS FIND IT IS A HAPPY GUARANTEE OF DATES Photographed for LIFE by CARL IWASKI "After we had three or four dates," Barbara King recalls wistfully, "I knew I wanted to go steady with Morrie. I hinted and hinted and hinted —and finally he asked me." From that day last fall, at the start of their senior year at Greeley, Colo, high school, through last week when they were graduated as honor students, Morrie Mawson and Barbara, both 17 years old, have spent a part of almost every day with each other.