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Sep, 1945
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Feb, 1946
Faster Service
I just like the word “Shellubrication” Faster Service is the idea behind this new streamlined service station, designed by Shell after surveying dealers and the public. The pump is scaled down to 54″ high, about two feet lower than the usual pump, so as not to obstruct customers’ view of display room. Sales recording device […]
Snap Happy Camera
Something new in flash cameras—takes 35-mm. photos at 1-25,000 see. IMAGINE a camera so fast, so accurate, so automatic in operation that with it any novice can take pictures of spot news events and fast action that are as good as those of any professional!
MAKING plastic rings is an interesting, inexpensive hobby requiring little skill and the use of only a few household tools. Ideal for making these striking rings is Catalin, a trade-marked resin commonly used in the manufacture of trinkets and other novelties. Catalin comes in a multitude of colors, sizes and shapes and may be procured from any hobby store.
1. Must I be 18 years old before I can get a private pilot's license? 2. To get a license, must I pass a test in navigation and meteorology? 3. I'm over 80 years old but healthy, am I eligible for a private pilot's license?
Story of Paper
Story of Paper TAKE a look around you at home, in the office, at the store—wherever you are at any time during the day—and wherever your eye falls, yon see paper. From the cigarette you smoke to the heavy carton around bulky packages, almost everything you use has paper in it somewhere. 15 million tons […]
Truths That Have Been Denied Struggling Humanity FOR every word that has left the lips of bishops or statesmen to enlighten man, a thousand have been withheld. For every book publicly exposed to the inquiring mind, one hundred more have been suppressed—damned to oblivion. Each year of progress has been wilfully delayed centuries. Wisdom has had to filter through biased, secret sessions or ecclesiastical council meetings, where high dignitaries of state and church alone proclaimed what man should know.
Father Time
Father Time By Louis Hochman IN A little place no larger than a vestibule on Manhattan’s lower East Side waterfront is one of the oddest clock shops in existence. It’s a veritable museum, crammed to the ceiling with thousands of clocks, many of them over 300 years old and representing practically every nationality in every […]
Fast Ice
The cold facts about the smooth sheet of ice that gives wings to the feet off the skaters in Icecapades, biggest of Ice shows. BY Margot Patterson and Allan Gould IF THE millions of people who witness the big ice-travaganzas yearly ever stop to think about the sheet of ice on which the skaters pirouette, it is probably only to wonder idly how the red, white and blue pattern gets inside the ice. Yet the manufacture and maintenance of that thin sheet of frozen water is more important than the stars of any show. A featured performer could break a leg and the show would continue, but without the ice there could be no performance. So in each of the arenas where an ice revue plays during a season, the ice is pampered and babied, sweated and scraped, barrelled, planed, sprayed—all in all. treated with more care than a connoisseur gives the patina on a treasured antique.
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