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Dec, 1947
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Mar, 1948
Science Transplants Babies
BY LESTER DAVID The embryo conceived by one mother has been removed from her womb, stored by refrigeration, then transplanted to another mother for normal birth. Mother's name Is "Mrs. Rabbit"—some day it might be Mrs. Jones. IF YOU could mate a man and a woman—could let the embryo get just a start, then transfer it to the body of another woman to complete its prenatal growth and be born—that would start a revolution in human genetics, wouldn't it! It's just been done with rabbits. It certainly will be done next with cattle. And just as certainly it will some day be possible with human beings!
Science in Pictures
Little Racer with a 5-hp engine is being groomed for a British attempt on the record of 106 mph, for cars up to 500-c.c. piston displacement, now held by Italy. Colonel "Goldie" Gardner, standing alongside, thinks his car may exceed 120. Bubble-Top of Plexiglas is the latest wrinkle for Ford and Mercury convertibles. It gives all-around visibility, lots of light and extra protection against bad weather. No privacy, though! Lifts on and off, and can be attached in a few minutes.
Exit, Ragweed!
Exit, Ragweed! is the cry of Miss Lake Michigan (Rae Stratton) as, portable sprayer on her bare back, she makes a sample attack with 2, 4-D on Chicago’s poison ivy. Miss LM is contemptuous of poison ivy, we see; male workers on this job wear pants.
Parlor Is Garage
Parlor Is Garage for this unique cycle-drive car made by an ingenious Englishman for taking his wife out into the country. Yes, they keep it in the drawing room! It fools the police, for they think it’s an auto and ask to see the license.
We CAN Control the Weather!
The electronic computer makes it possible, says Dr. Zworykin, scientist. BY WILLIAM WINTER, based on an interview with DR. VLADIMIR K. ZWORYKIN, Vice President and Technical Consultant, RCA Laboratories WHEN Mark Twain made his famous quip that everyone talked about the weather but that no one ever did anything about it, he had no way of knowing that the science of electronics, even then in its infancy, not only would promise a revolution in forecasting but would show the way to actually control the elements. Yes, thanks to electronics we soon will be able to predict in a few minutes the weather for several days ahead. Even more important, man may be able to prevent the development of hurricanes and other violent storms, or divert them, prevent killing frosts, eliminate local fogs, and even cause rain to fall in regions of drought. The benefits to aviation and agriculture alone would be tremendous, to say nothing of the direct savings in lives and property.
He Sweats for a Living
It's no gag! It takes torrents of sweat to make first-class fabrics! By Don Romero VISITORS to a recent textile exposition were astounded to discover something which they had been hearing about all their lives but never believed they would ever actually see. They found a man who was literally "sweating to make a living." Wearing only a pair of shorts, and seated in a room which had been heated to 125 degrees, they found husky six-foot-two Eugene Belner repeatedly swathing himself with samples of fabrics, covering himself with a water-resistant cape to increase his body temperature, and then patiently letting the beads of perspiration roll down his huge frame to be finally blotted up by the fabrics.