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Apr, 1948
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Feb, 1949
Tail-Prop Plane
A new style in tails has been shown recently to British fliers by Planet Aircraft, Ltd. The plane, called the Satellite, has a tail prop, V-shaped stabilizers and an inverted fin. The engine, a Gipsy Queen, is mounted directly over the center of gravity and is linked to the prop by a magnesium shaft.
Giant Eyeball
Giant Eyeball demonstrates the actions of the muscles which control your eyes. This plastic device is used in medical classes by the Air Force.
Printing Without Ink - Origin of the Xerox Machine
Printing Without Ink Here’s how one man beat the high cost of printing by inventing Xerography—a new process which requires no ink, rollers or heavy presses. CHESTER CARLSON, patent attorney, wanted to have one of his manuscripts published but the cost astonished him. It started him thinking about methods for reducing printing costs. And what’s […]
Plywood Helicopter
Plywood Helicopter THERE’S an Easter egg in the sky! But it’s the “Flying Easter Egg”—a new single-place helicopter called by that name because of the oval shape of its plywood fuselage. Designed by Fred Landgraf, the H-2 can make 100 mph on its 85 hp Pobjoy engine. The center of gravity of the 850-pound craft […]
Be Young at 100!
By Roger Dunham Those creeping years worrying you? Forget it—old age is mostly superstition, doctors discover. HOW long will you live? Fifty, 70, 80—maybe even 100 years—a whole century? Till the day you die you'll probably keep thinking you can always squeeze out at least one more year from those old bones of yours. And ever since 1848 when the average American dropped dead before 40, we have indeed squeezed out extra years until today our national life span has stretched to 67.
Brassiere for Bossy
Brassiere for Bossy will increase the flow of milk into her udder from 25 to 35 per cent. Invented by a Phoenix psychiatrist, the canvas bra has four elongated sacks which cradle the cow’s teats.
Gimmicks for Beauty
FEW girls are born beautiful. But many plain Janes are getting pretty enough to make a guy go ga-ga, thanks to the odd gimmicks beauty gadgeteers are turning out. To the male eye the strange beautifying machines look like modern versions of a medieval torture chamber. To milady the devices are the wonderful instruments that help nature transform the ugliest duckling into a lovely swan.
Will Polar Waves Swamp America?
Engineer Brown fears the vast Antarctic icecap may upset the world and drown us in a great flood at any moment! By West Peterson FARMER Williams was plowing the field back of his red barn in central Indiana shortly before noon. A few more furrows and he could quit for lunch. Then above the regular clatter of his tractor he heard an ominous, ground-shaking rumble. He turned on the tractor seat— and saw a towering mountain of water roaring down upon him.
Dancing Robot
Dancing Robot performs a merry jig by remote control. Patrick Rizzo who built it in his spare time, claims the $100,000 creature is the first of its type.