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Dec, 1952
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Apr, 1953
IF and when space travel becomes a reality, there'll be the problem of landing high-speed rocket ships. D. B. Driskill of San Francisco thinks he has the answer in his U. S. Patent 2,592,873. He would build a system of telescoping tubes butted against a mountainside or mounted on skis or a train platform.
Flying Saucer Camera
Flying Saucer Camera will be used by Air Force to clear up saucer questions. One lens takes regular picture; the other separates light into colors so scientists can judge the source and make-up of saucers.
Church Juke Box
Church Juke Box installed in Lutheran Church in Harrison, N. J., plays hymns for visitors who enter for prayer. Rev. Bornhoeft, reserve army chaplain, thought of it. Selector is remote control.