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Jul, 1952
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Dec, 1952
You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet
When television really starts rolling, modern electronic miracles will enable it to play a major role in every phase of your life in addition to providing your home entertainment. By Henry M. Lewis, Jr. LUCILLE Ball, Arthur Godfrey and Uncle Miltie may have been hogging the TV spotlight but a new type of program is just around the corner. The same brains that were responsible for television's becoming your master in your own home now are working night and day to make it your servant everywhere else. Even now it has begun to work for you in your office, farm, factory, classroom, bank, super-market, department store, neighborhood theater and a whole host of other places too numerous to mention. Why, it'll even work for you in a traffic jam! Let's take a look at tomorrow. You're going shopping and your route takes you through a vehicular tunnel under a broad river. There has been a smashup before you reach the tunnel, but traffic doesn't choke up either entrance. A squad car, wrecker and ambulance are on the scene. How? Because a dispatcher at police headquarters saw the accident on a television set.
Pocket Softcore
Wow, that guy looks scarily entertained by his movie. Think of it as the Video Ipod of 1952. Now! SEE MOVIES without SCREEN OR PROJECTOR with Melton Pocket Movie Viewer Men, you’re going to have a world of fun with the MELTON MOVIE ‘ VIEWER, and you’ll think of a dozen pals overseas to send […]