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Aug, 1957
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Nov, 1958
WORLD’S BEST TOP-SPINNERS Malayan top makers and spinners are heroes. As they wind up their 12-pound tops on spinning ropes people watch their gestures and expressions with reverence. A crowd of Malayan gamblers waiting for a top to wobble—something that may not happen for 20 minutesis a-quiver with excitement. A famous top, tipped with a […]
TIN CAN JEWELS AUTHENTIC copies of European crown jewels, in tin and glass, are the hobby of Dick Stier of Bloomfield, N. J. Stier, himself of noble German descent, got on the kick watching the coronation of Elizabeth II, now has crown jewels of the czars, the Pope, German royalty—all meticulously copied in fruit can […]
EYE STOPPERS HOT DOG cools off with special sunshade which is secured by reflective aluminum sheet harness. Pooch hails from London. EYEBALL POPPER is actress Sandra Giles’ fur-coated ‘T-Bird. What happens when it rains? GENTLE SQUEEZE begets milk as fresh as any udder from unique squirt apparatus. It is located in coffee bar in merry […]
NEW ACCESSORIES FOR ’59 SWIVEL SEATS will be available on all Chrysler lines, except wagons. Weight-operated seat swings out when you push button, swivel your body. Outside of car, push button, swing it in or out with hand. MIRROR-MATIC rearview mirror lor Chrysler-made cars has small hole in it (left). When high-beam lights of car […]
AUSTIN-HEALY SPRITE, new British sports car, seats two, gets 35 mpg, tops at 80 mph. It has four cylinders, lour speeds, costs $1795 F.O.B. New York without the little extras. FISH SCALER to lit your power drill; the $2 answer to the scale-fearful fisherman's prayer. The nylon cylinder will not tear or harm the skin of fish or fisherman, but a child can clean fish like an Indian guide if Daddy will let him use his 1/4" holemaker. Jaco Mfg. Co.. P.O. Box 2659, Lakewood, Ohio. PNEUMATIC SPLINT for first aid support to injured limbs is a new German gismo. Rigid frame contains four air cushions.
NEW IMPORTS FOR ’59 JAPAN is leading with a heavyweight in its first attempt to sell cars in the U. S. Now on sale in California and soon to be available throughout the country is the Toyopet, made by the Toyota Motor Co., Tokyo. Both four-door sedan and station wagon are offered with the boast: […]
Your Own Mail Order Busines
s By John Winkler When Arthur Johnson decided to earn some extra cash during his spare time he chose the mail order business because it could be run right from his own home. He reasoned that it was one of the few fields still open in which you could start your own business with a minimum of capital. In fact, his total investment was less than $100.00. What began as a spare time job mushroomed into a profitable full-time business. How successful was Johnson? Well, he drives a Cadillac convertible, owns a home in Nevada and a summer place in Florida, with a Cris-Craft cruiser to boot!
Cars That Fly
YOUR car of the future may have no wheels. It may not even touch the road as it races along the turnpike at speeds well above 100 mph while you and your family sit back and enjoy the ride—without fear of accident or injury. This revolutionary new mode of travel was recently unveiled by the Ford Motor Company in the form of the Glideair—a wheel-less vehicle that rides on a thin film of air a fraction of an inch above the road.
By Robert Strother AT THE Vanguard Computing Center - in Washington, D. C, I watched a young woman present a machine with an extremely complex problem in ballistics involving hundreds of variables. At once lights on a control panel twinkled and winked as the computer checked to see that all equipment was operating properly. Then it set briskly to work. Magnetic tapes spun in their shiny glass-and-steel vacuum cabinets, the high-speed printer muttered. Suddenly the machine stopped and the electric typewriter wrote: "Last entry improperly stated!"
By Lester David MEN'S fashions, long noted for their sepulchral hues and funeral cut, are currently erupting in a major revolution of styles, colors and surprises. Gone are the days of the petrified collar and suits of "cast iron tweed." New fabrics, new fashions and new fads are the order of the day. Where will it all end?