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Oct, 1938
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Feb, 1939
NOW You CAN SEE Television
Excitingly Explained on Your Favorite Screen in the Latest of VITAPHONE'S MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED SHORT SUBJECTS
Device Makes Automobile Exhaust Gases Harmless
If only modern exhaust pipes looked like this… Pimped out cars could have spinning ones that look like Gatling guns or the pipes could all move in and out in a pattern. Device Makes Automobile Exhaust Gases Harmless EASILY attached to the exhaust of an automobile, a patented exhaust oxidizing receiver device (above) is said […]
Collapsible "Home" Carried On Roof Of Automobile
FEATURING six windows fitted with slid-glass and permanent screens, a newly developed prefabricated collapsible house which can be carried on the roof of an ordinary passenger auto enables sportsmen, fishermen and others who like the outdoors to enjoy short or prolonged trips in perfect comfort.
I Risk My Neck For A Thrill
by Al (Flash) Williams Twelve years as a thrill driver hasn't dimmed the daredevil spirit of Flash Williams, (left) America's ace stunt man who tells what it's like to crash a speeding car or plane. HOW would you like to drive an automobile through a burning house? Or sit at the wheel while your car, traveling at 75 miles an hour hits another auto going at the same speed, in a head-on collision? Or maybe, if this sounds too tame and unexciting, you would prefer to drive at terrific speed over a raised platform and then hurtle through the air for a distance of 65 feet.
Home Science Stunts with Candles
WHAT ARE CANDLES MADE OF? Light a candle, and for an instant hold a sheet of white paper in the upper third of the flame. A deposit of black soot on the paper indicates that part of the candle consists of carbon. Next, hold a clean cold glass over the flame as shown by the drawing above. It will be found that a mist will collect on the inside, indicating that hydrogen is being burned.
Our natural modesty would prevent us from making any wildly extravagant claims about FOR MEN, the pocket-size men's magazine. We wouldn't think tor a minute, for example, of calling our reading matter excellent and our cartoons superb. Yet in this morning's mail we received this comment:
The New 20th Century Limited
JETTING new standards for comfort, beauty and luxury in railroad transportation, the new 20th Century Limited of the New York Central System operates on the fastest schedule—16 hours— ever made in regular service between New York and Chicago, flashing over the rails at speeds up to 80 m.p.h. The Limited consists of 62 cars and 10 streamlined locomotives operated in four sections.
Constructs Novel Motorcycle
Constructs Novel Motorcycle POWERED by a four-cylinder motor, a motorcycle constructed by Raymond Courtney, of Lansing, Mich., features a specially designed, streamlined sheet-metal body which is said to increase road speed about 20 m.p.h. Sections of the body are easily removed, facilitating repairs or adjustments. The novel motorcycle is equipped with hydraulic brakes, both front […]
ROBOTS That Work For A Coin
That is a really large ice machine. ROBOTS That Work For A Coin PUT a coin in the slot and get your shoes shined, see a movie, pay the installment on the washing machine or get a scalp massage. There is hardly an amusement nor a personal service rendered mechanically that hasn’t been put on […]
New "Flounder" Plane Is Britain's Bid For Airline Supremacy
New “Flounder” Plane Is Britain’s Bid For Airline Supremacy A DESIGN for a super airplane, which would constitute a national bid for world-wide airline supremacy, has been projected by Fred Miles, prominent British aeronautical engineer. As shown in the sketches, the proposed 38-passenger plane resembles a flounder in general appearance. The estimated performance figures for […]
Scientific Sport - Six-Man Football
Here are the directions for playing a thrilling new game, as explained — by Ken Strong In collaboration with Cecil Carries MECHANICAL perfection in play execution, with added thrills in spectacular open-style running formations, safety and economy are the themes of America's newest sports craze—-six-man, or stream-lined football. And every gain the game makes up the side-lines of the nation's popularity is deserved. The main idea in sports is to develop the players and to thrill the spectators. Six-man football will do both in a manner to supplement its big brother, the full-sized game, but it will do more; it will bring a new universality to football.
New Lightweight Automatic Ironer Weighs 25 Pounds
Note the streamlining to reduce air resistance. Much better than the old coal burning locomotives irons. New Lightweight Automatic Ironer Weighs 25 Pounds THIS portable electric ironer weighs but twenty-five pounds and can be carried easily to any part of the house for convenient use. The device will handle all types of work from the […]