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Aug, 1941
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Dec, 1941
Luminous Skeleton For HALLOWEEN
by Ken Murray Got any friends you want to lose? Just invite them over to your Halloween party and give 'em the works with this glowing graveyard horror. Right: Gluing parts of the figure carefully to thin plywood. AN ANIMATED skeleton - that glows brightly in the dark can be used for all kinds of harmless but amusing Halloween pranks. The skeleton is jointed so that a slight shake will cause the arms and legs to swing about in a realistic manner.
A strange man in Los Angeles, known as "The Voice of Two Worlds," reveals the story of a remarkable system that often leads to almost unbelievable improvement in power of mind, achievement of brilliant business and professional success and new happiness. Many report improvement in health. Others tell of increased bodily strength, magnetic personality, courage and poise.
It's A Stick-Up For Flies
It’s A Stick-Up For Flies ELSIE HOSKINS, shown above, isn’t a gun moll or a female bank dick—she’s demonstrating a new type of fly swatter just invented. The gun gives off a spray that is alleged to dispatch Mr. Fly with the speed of a blitzkrieg. We’re wondering if the fly cares how he’s killed.
A Repeating "Flashbulb"
That’s quite a portable power unit there. Then again it’s also a pretty big camera. I think it’s funny that they always use female models for these things. While I get the “it’s so easy a woman can do it!” angle, it tends to make big things look more unwieldy. A Repeating “Flashbulb” THE dream […]
This Helicopter-Car Flies Over Traffic!
This Helicopter-Car Flies Over Traffic! JESS DIXON, of Andalusia. Ala., got tired of being tied up in traffic jams, so he designed and built this novel flying vehicle. It is a combination of automobile, helicopter, autogiro, and motorcycle. It has two large lifting rotos in a single head, revolving in opposite directions. It is powered […]
I Drove A Nazi Tank
by Ernst Freiherr von Jungenfeld German Tank Corps Commander (The following remarkable story, containing an eyewitness account of the first actual tank battle ever staged, is translated from the "Berliner Illustriete Zeitung." Although written from an obviously German viewpoint, it is published because of its highly instructive value to all students of mechanized warfare—The Editor.) IT IS May 9, 1940. We get our orders at five o'clock in the afternoon to be ready to roll in six hours. At first, we thought it was just for manoeuvres, but this time it is the real thing—and, at 11 p.m., we start to move!
Photographic Hocus-Pocus
EVERY now and then, the best of us get the itch to break away from straight, serious photography and amuse ourselves and our "public" with photo-magic and tomfoolery. Sometimes our dabbling leads us into the production of interesting pictorial effects; at other times, our results turn out surrealistic or plain crazy, but amusing nevertheless.
Stretching To Be A Fireman
Stretching To Be A Fireman GINO FRANCESCHINI, New York City, was only 5 feet 6-1/4 inches tall and had to be 5 feet 7 inches to qualify as a fireman. He made the neck stretcher shown above. When measured, he still lacked an eighth of an inch. He hit himself on head to make a […]
Baby Broadcasting" - Original Baby Monitor
by Louis Hochman This Baby Broadcasts When She Wants Attention. Mother And Father Can Hear Her On Their Own Portable Radio Set LITTLE Dianne Roxas is only two months old, but already she is a radio star in her own right. From the privacy of her pink and blue beribboned bassinet, she broadcasts daily over her own private "station," airing her troubles over the ether to an "audience" distributed within a radius of a few blocks of her home in Brooklyn, N. Y. Little Dianne is probably the youngest "ham" radio operator in the world, having been at it ever since she was ten days old.
INVENTORS! America Needs You!
by Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson Famous Military Expert EVERYBODY has at least one good invention up his sleeve—and now's the time to cash in on yours! Remember that idea you had last winter for a device to beat off air-raids? You always meant to get to work on it, but somehow never did. Or maybe you thought of a new kind of searchlight while working on your boat. Or a stunt which you believed would simplify minesweeping. You've probably had ideas like these, or ones similar to them, at some time in your life and put them aside because you were ashamed to talk about them. Afraid your friends would ridicule you, or call you a nut.
Toni Hughes Turns Metal Lath And All Manner Of Odd Junk Into Weird Things That Critics Call Works Of Art—And She Sells Them! by Irwin Kostin MISS TONI HUGHES, New York artist, is the junkman's delight. Out of the junkyard and the hardware store she has devised a new art form that has become the latest fad in New York art circles and is rapidly sweeping across the country. Her art is readily adaptable to the workshop and should furnish a world of hew ideas to everyone who has a flair for the unique and a workshop and a junkyard handy. The basis of most of her creations is wire netting, varied with metal lath, grillwork and ordinary wire screen. These materials she supplements with assorted hardware accessories, ribbons, seashells, rubber balls, old funny papers—or what have you?
THIS striking illustration by Staff Artist Reynold C. Anderson is a conception, based on all available technical reports, of what is perhaps the most amazing of all the new weapons developed in the present nightmarish war—the Russian "land battleship."