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Aug, 1950
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Dec, 1950
ADAM and EVE in PLASTIC SCIENCE is resurrecting Adam and Eve but the 1950 editions are a bit different from the originals. Talking, transparent reproductions of a woman and man which reveal in natural color every detail of the human anatomy are being built in Germany for exhibition at London’s British Food Fair. Recorded lectures […]
Take, a Tip from Anne Baxter - Put "Home-Utility" on your Christmas Gift List!
ANNE BAXTER starring in "All ABOUT EVE" A Darry F. Zanuck Production 20th Century-Fox Studios * Perfect gifts for men—useful the whole year 'round! * Priced for every pocketbook — built for every need! * Easy to operate — fun to use — take the hard work out of home and farm jobs! * Also Home-Utility 1/2" Drills, Electric Sows and Bench Grinders, other Kits and attachments! * Quality-built by BLACK & DECKER, world's largest manufacturer of portable electric tools!
Tibet - Golden Roof of the World
In the sacred soil of ancient Tibet, nestled high in the great Himalaya Mountains, lie millions of tons of gold—waiting for the world to discover it. By Harrison Forman FANTASTIC Tibet could be the site of the greatest gold rush in all history! I have seen tons of gold there. Yes, literally tons of it! I have seen whole rooftops of Tibetan temples and shrines heavily sheeted with gold. Giant golden Buddhas sat in these temples' murky interiors with massive incense burners and altar pieces of solid gold. I have seen libraries of sacred Buddhist scripture whose dog-eared volumes were bound with bands of pure gold.
make your own TURNING SIGNALS
Here are some money-saving suggestions that will make for safer driving and greater relaxation on the road. THE weather is wet and windy as you are driving along a busy road. You come to an intersection where you have to make a right turn. If you crank open the window to stick your arm out you'll let in a blast of uncomfortable air; if you don't, you'll risk trouble with drivers behind and ahead of you and with pedestrians at the curb. What's the choice?
Airborne Teletypewriter, securely latched to this paratrooper, will jump with him when he hits the silk from a C-82 transport plane. Safely landed in the field of combat, he can quickly set it up and type out messages that will go over radio or wire circuits carrying front information to headquarters. The new lightweight teletypewriter is one of many new items being perfected to make our army world's best.
NEW for the HOME
Safety Outlet, of Bakelite plastic, features rotating caps that automatically cover the sockets when not in use. When plug prongs are inserted, the cap is turned to align cap and socket holes. Bell Electric Co., 1844-50 W. 21 St., Chicago. Sliding Door Hardware has self-adjusting spring tension built into top rollers, eliminates fitting time, lets you use all the space between ceiling and floor. Wheels are of case-hardened steel, run on ball bearings. Roll-A-Door Corp., N. Y. C.
100 Million Road Maps Can't Be Wrong
for absolutely any emergency. "Yes," replied the unsuspecting clerk. ::image_gallery::
100 Million Road Maps Can't Be Wrong By Irv Leiberman IN Vancouver, Washington, a quavering feminine voice inquired over the telephone if the tourist bureau of a large oil company provided a service for absolutely any emergency. "Yes," replied the unsuspecting clerk. "Well, I'm parked right around the corner from your office," the woman said, "and there's a mouse in the driver's seat. And I won't leave for New York until he goes away!" Although this is not a typical question, routers in tourist services frequently are confronted with such out-of-the-ordinary requests. This is in addition to thousands of demands for regular travel information which pour in to them through the mails. And they distribute more than 100 million road maps to Americans on the go.
Big Profits From Little Prophets
The Kahns took the old Swiss weather house, put it on a modern production line and now collect over % million dollars annually. By Clive Howard TO make a million dollars, or at least to put yourself far out along the road toward your first million, you don't necessarily have to invent something that nobody ever thought of before. As a matter of fact, you don't have to invent anything. You can, like young Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kahn of Highland Park, Illinois, simply resurrect for the modern market an invention that is nearly as old as time.
Cleveland Club Helps New Inventors
Fledgling gadgeteers won't be at the mercy of dishonest promoters when Bill Korth's New Inventors Club is battling for their rights. By Alfred Eris NO one ever has worried much about the troubles of inventors. More than one inventive soul will shame-facedly confess to having been fleeced out of his idea and the time, effort and money it involved. Countless others will admit that they just never did anything about their inventions, and perhaps threw away a chance to make big money, for the simple reason that they didn't know how or where to begin.
Bazooka Bomb: Newest Sub-Killer
IN World War II the German commanders of the Panzer divisions were mystified by a new American weapon which effectively was knocking out their tanks. At first they thought it might be a new kind of mortar. Actually they were being introduced to our bazooka and its shaped-charge shell. In the Korean war this same weapon proved to be a potent threat to the Communists' heavy armor.
our business is GOING TO THE DOGS
By Bob Swaner I never realized until I joined the Navy what a problem it could be to keep a big dog supplied with good, nourishing food. What has the Navy got to do with it? Well, I was an officer in the Shipbuilding Division of the Bureau of Ships, and my job kept me traveling a great deal. Of course I brought my family with me, including Tigue, our German Shepherd. He's a real dog, tough and with the appetite of a lion. And there was my problem... feeding the critter.
CAN'T sleep? Worried about the atom bomb? Where would you rather have it find you than in the Acousticot, a super-bed dreamed up by Colonel Elliott White Springs of the Springs Cotton Mills. It's soundproof, air conditioned and even has a bundling board for passengers so disposed. Light from outside is kept out by curtains sprayed with your favorite perfume. You can have spruce and sour mash to remind you of your home in the mountains, mint and smoked ham if you're from Dixie or fresh fish and decayed aristocracy if you yearn for a tidewater town.