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Oct, 1958
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Dec, 1958
INVENTIONS WANTED! REMOVABLE CEILING TILE fitted with snap fasteners could be taken down and cleaned. Jeanne Holwager, Commiskey, Ind. EDIBLE TAPE would be a great boon to midnight raiders who like to build Dagwood sandwiches. J. C. Taylor, Portland, Conn. SNAP-OUT LENSES for girls who like to have several frames to go with different outfits. […]
Have a real cigarette - have a Camel
New kind of whirlybird! This portable one-man 'copter can be completely assembled in the field and ready to fly in a hurry. Its pilot, Dick Peck, is a Camel smoker. "I want a cigarette that smokes mild and tastes good," he says. "Camels do both."
Learn While You Sleep
By Lester David The small voice under the pillow can teach you anything from self-confidence to college math. HELEN McGRATH was fast asleep. At her bedside was a tape recorder, quietly repeating words into her subconscious mind. You'd never mistake the scene for a classroom, yet it was exactly that. Because Helen McGrath was learning Spanish while she snoozed! For six and a half hours that night, one lesson was played over and over again, words and phrases burrowing deep into her mind. On waking, Helen played the lesson through once again.
Beefed-up engines, new suspension systems and dream car styling are the big changes for '59. By Tom McCahill IT'S likely that 1959 will go down in automotive history as the year that automobile manufacturers—hurt by the '58 sales slump—went all out to whet the appetites of the car-buying public. Beefed-up engines, new suspension systems and dream car styling are just three of the goodies offered with the hope of starting those "low down payments" rolling in once again. The following is an introduction to the top 1959 cars released as of this date. If they don't hit you right between the eyes and start you grabbing for your wallet, a lot of Detroit automobile men will be oiling up their squirrel guns and heading for the woods. A guy's got to eat somehow.
$5,000 Worth of Junk
$5,000 Worth of Junk IF you have a yen for something different like Robert A. Street of San Francisco, Calif., you can buy a bona-fide junk imported from Hong Kong for $5,000. The 30-ft. junks have some minor innovations like wells for the twin 18-hp outboards you need when there is no wind for the […]
COP ARMOR passes a rigid test in Detroit as inventor Harvey Freeman lets bullets sink into the 60-lb. plastic shell Note headlights for night cops. SAP SACKS are now replacing buckets in our sugar maple groves. Unlike the sack dress these are filled up, likely to stay. LIGHT HOUSEKEEPING is really possible with this new Danish plastic furniture.
The '59 Chevy
Styling is as wild as you've seen . . . just as different as Santa Claus without a beard . . . That rear deck is pure Louis Armstrong—gone, man, gone! What a spot to land a Piper Cub." By Tom McCahill YOU don't need a Gallup Poll or a complete report from the Electoral College to know that Chevrolet must be considered the American buyer's Number One Choice. No other manufacturer in the world, for that matter, has pumped out as many cars over the past 20 years as this General Motors division.
EYE STOPPERS CIRCLE-CYCLE 1/2-hp mill turns outer tire on ballbearing rollers. West Va. high schoolers built it. HOOD buttons on collar of waterproof and wrinkleproof suit shown in Paris. TUSK BRACE keeps Washington Zoo’s Ashoka’s ivory from squeezing trunk.
This certainly wouldn’t have any problem landing in the Hudson… THIS PLANE BLOWS UP BLOW it up and then fly it. That’s all there is to taking off with the new Inflatoplane developed by Goodyear Aircraft Corp. Deflated, the plane can be carried in the back of a station wagon. Wing, tail, assembly and pilot’s […]
Copter Cops
By Frank Tinsley TODAY'S high-speed turnpikes require ground-bound traffic police to take to the air and graduate to the status of "Copter Cops," mounted in a vehicle that could speed safely above the car-choked roads and provide a bird's eye view of driving conditions and dangers. Such a vehicle could go far beyond the utility of the present patrol car. It could control traffic speed, clear jams at bottle- necks, perform emergency rescue work and provide fast aerial ambulance service, plus offering a more efficient pursuit of criminals.
THEY CALL ‘EM “PIGLOOS” SCIENCE has taken a look at the pigpen and devised a revolutionary new system to raise young swine. Developed by Nutrena Mills, Inc., Minneapolis, Minn., the Pigloo is a prefab wooden structure designed to increase the low-cost production of hogs by protecting them from disease. It is said to cut breeding […]