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Feb, 1980
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Mar, 1982
Don't be fooled by the price. This LCD Dual Alarm Chronograph is probably the best as well as most useful watch on the market today. This watch is in a class by itself. With every conceivable convenience ... unmatched feather-light comfort ... and rugged dependability with matching, trim-slim styling.
Self-stick Note Paper
Origin of Post-Its? Self-stick Note Paper Adhesive-back notepaper sticks to almost any surface without staples, clips or tape. Bright yellow color attracts attention. When note has served its purpose, remove it with a gentle pull. In three sizes from 79c. 3M, 600 Third Ave., New York, N Y. 10016.
Bone Fone
A new concept in sound technology may revolutionize the way we listen to stereo music. You're standing in an open field. Suddenly there's music from all directions. Your bones resonate as if you're listening to beautiful stereo music in front of a powerful home stereo system. But there's no radio in sight and nobody else hears what you do. It's an unbelievable experience that will send chills through your body when you first hear it.
The best part of this ad is that it’s from 1980, not 1930. BE A CHIMNEY SWEEP Your Own Business: A chimney sweep can clean a chimney with the August West System in one hour. Nationally, the average charge is $40.00. A Growing Need: The energy crisis has resulted in a dramatic increase in wood […]