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Nov, 1950
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Jan, 1951
24-inch Television Tube
24-inch Television Tubegets the once-over by two General Electric executives who wear eye protectors in case tube should shatter. The giant picture tube is here mounted on a glass-to-metal cone sealer. The smallest television tube made at G.E.’s Syracuse plant measures 8-1/2 inches. Limited production of king-size tube is to get under way soon.
rice cleans carbon
RICE is moving out of the kitchen and into the garage. Oldsmobile has developed a new device, the Head-On Carbon Blaster, which uses rice under air pressure to clean engine combustion chambers through their spark-plug openings.
Why Don't We Build... Underwater Tanks
We need such a weapon for beachhead invasions ... we have already solved its technical problems. By Frank Tinsley EVEN at the outset of our World War II campaign of island conquest in the Pacific, it became evident that some form of armor was needed to spearhead landing operations. The old technique of wooden landing barges and surf-spattered Marines was obviously inadequate. To pit unprotected flesh and blood against an array of underwater obstacles, mines and wire entanglements, backed up by well concealed and heavily bunkered machine-gun nests, mortars and artillery, was a murderous waste of expensively trained men.
All my life, I’ve believed that practice makes perfect and that the hand is quicker than the eye. Now stupid, meanie science has to come and shatter all of my dreams. Damn you science!!! SCIENCE SAYS… It Ain’t So Before you read the story on the following pages, mark these items TRUE or FALSE, then […]