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Nov, 1938
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Apr, 1939
The "Copper King"
The “Copper King” EMBODYING the latest scientific streamline design, with interior decorations of sparkling copper and featuring Polaroid windows, which provide the basis for the claim that it is the world’s first light-conditioned observation lounge car, the “Copper King” has been placed in service by the Union Pacific Railroad as an addition to the railroad’s […]
Violin Made Of New "Glass"
Poindexter really should have had one of these. Violin Made Of New “Glass” ANEW type of unbreakable, flexible material which has the same transparency as ordinary glass, but weighs less, size for size, has been invented in Germany. A product of artificial resins, the new material can be bent, twisted, punched, cut with a scissors, […]
Assembles Novel Table
Assembles Novel Table STANDING 29 inches high and made of 3,500 interlocking pieces of oak, the novel table shown below was completely assembled without glue or nails by William Klueh, a cabinet maker in St. Mary’s, Ind.
Develops Novel Auto Gadget
I want one. Develops Novel Auto Gadget INVENTED by David E. Wilson, of Santa Monica, Calif., and operated by a button on the dashboard, a combination rear light and horn in the form of a clown’s face with a movable tongue (right) enables a driver to express his contempt for the trailing motorist who keeps […]
Home-Built Boat Is Semi-Submersible
Home-Built Boat Is Semi-Submersible POWERED by a converted 1929 auto engine, a boat constructed by Wylie Harris, of Chicago, Ill., has a sheet-steel cabin and can be operated semi-submerged. The pipes at bow and stern serve as air ventilators. Water ballast is stored in ten two-gallon cans.
Alarm Warns Of Fire In Cellar Of Home
Not quite a smoke detector, it has to reach 145 degrees to go off. Alarm Warns Of Fire In Cellar Of Home ATTACHED on the ceiling or wall over a furnace, a new automatic fire-alarm device invented by T. E. Campbell, of Wilkinsburg, Pa., provides added protection for the home. If the furnace overheats or […]
Armored Tank Attains Speed Of 114 MPH.
This is the tank driving around in fast-forward at the beginning of the movie Tucker: The Man and His Dream. Armored Tank Attains Speed Of 114 MPH. AN ALL-WELDED armor-plated army tank which, it is claimed, can attain a speed of 114 m.p.h. over a level road and 78 m.p.h. over rough ground was recently […]
Exploding the Television Boom
Very interesting (and long) article from the dawn of the TV era (1939) explaining all of the hurdles; technological, economical, political, etc that will have to be jumped before TV is widely available. A lot of it sounds similar to the current emergence of internet based video distribution. Just as they are today, the major […]
OCTOPUS! Terror of the Deep
How would you like to battle a 24-ft. octopus 20 fathoms under the sea? That's the thrilling adventure of Lieut. Rieseberg whose diving bell was attacked by a monster squid. Read how the battle was filmed and the octopus killed. These authentic pictures are the most spectacular filmed in underwater history.
Police Squad Rides Tiny Motor Scooters
This reminds me of Cartman. I can totally see that cop screaming “Respect my authoritah!” Police Traffic Squad Rides Motor Scooters A SPECIAL traffic squad mounted on powered scooters is a feature of the Police Department of Inglewood, Calif. Use of the scooters, which can travel at a speed of 30 m.p.h. and cruise for […]