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Jan, 1952
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Mar, 1952
Midget Streamliner
Midget Streamliner goes record hunting. The Cooper 500-cc. racing car has gone to Paris to set some new times for the speed demons to shoot at. John Cooper admires his baby, left. Open hood, right, reveals driver Bill Aston behind the wheel.
NEAR Lancaster, S. C, you can find the biggest baby railroad in the country. Well, maybe not the biggest in size, but certainly possessor of the biggest list of vice-presidents—from James Montgomery Flagg to Gypsy Rose Lee. Actually, though, this tiny offspring of the Lancaster and Chester Railway is one of the finest miniature steam railroads in the world. Located in the recreation park of the Springs Cotton Mills, it's the brainchild of Elliott White Springs, World War I combat flier, author, owner of the mill and president of the L & C.
New in Science: First Vibrating Pager, The Bat Signal
NEW in SCIENCE Garter Buzzer tuned to a transmitter informs the wearer that she is being called on her walkie-talkie. Receiver in model’s hand is only slightly larger than a pack of cigarettes but has a range of 12 miles, will be marketed when frequencies are allowed. Hoffman TV and Radio Co., Los Angeles. World […]
Exhaust Flame-Thrower
Exhaust Flame-Thrower is a new gadget for hot-rodders. Spark plugs set in the exhaust pipes ignite unburned gas in the vents which shoot out flames to a distance of 20 ft. on fast starts. It’s noiseless and police want an excuse to prohibit it.
MARVEL Mystery Oil
I’m not really sure what they’re trying to say in this ad… I think it’s either: “Marvel Oil will blow up your car”, or “Marvel oil is made of atomic bombs”. FOR POWER AND PERFORMANCE! MARVEL Mystery Oil More than 30 years of scientific research have gone into Marvel Mystery Oil, to meet the lubrication […]
Ronald Reagan - Movielandlubber
I have never seen any biography of Ronald Reagan that includes the fact that was an inductee of the Mechanix Illustrated Hobby Hall of Fame. What a travesty. How can I ever trust them again? Ronald Reagan – Movielandlubber ON board the S.S. America on her maiden voyage, actor Ronald Reagan asked to see the […]