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Jan, 1948
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Apr, 1948
Palomar Telescope Won't See Far Enough!
BY LOGAN REAVIS SOME time this year an astronomer will peer for the first time through the largest telescope the world has ever known—will penetrate space to a distance of two billion light years farther than the eye of man has ever explored. But he won't see far enough.
A penny's not a lot of money, but you'll be surprised at how much of some things it will buy. A penny buys 20 pages of big city newspaper. providing several hours of reading material. A penny's worth of gas will drive a two-ton automobile with four people about 4,000 feet.
Garden City, L. I. Bank Does It With Mirrors
THE submarine periscope has gone into the banking business. It's all done with mirrors, as a look into the Garden City Bank and Trust Company of Garden City, L. I., would show you. To save valuable space on the ground floor, the bank set up its note department on the second floor. Patrons, however, still do their banking on the main floor, thanks to a periscope channel built into the wall.
AMBULANCE RADIO controls traffic
AMBULANCE RADIO controls traffic AMBULANCES are supposed to speed people to hospitals— but they can’t speed and they therefore can’t save some lives. Traffic holds them back. Their average 35 mph is pretty slow. But they may do 70 before long. A device now being patented by J. R. Schwarzkopf will put a radio transmitter […]
Pills That Increase Your Intelligence
BY DONALD G. COOLEY CAN you feed your brain some special food to make it smarter? Scientists have always laughed at the idea. Now they aren't quite so cocksure. Maybe your brain does have faster speed and quicker getaway when it runs on certain fuels. New scientific discoveries indicate that brain power can be stepped up by swallowing tablets. These pills are not stimulating drugs but concentrates of a food element
Playboy Car
The Playboy PLAYBOY FEATURES • The only car now being displayed with an all-steel convertible disappearing top. • Combining the essentia! features of 3 body styles: business coupe, club coupe, and convertible car, all in one. • All steel body and frame welded into one piece.
Giant Vacuum Cleaner
Giant Vacuum Cleaner Largest one ever assembled is this 196-pound jumbo made for exhibition purposes. It takes a bit of pushing, but works fine according to Henry Hoover.
ATOM-BOMBER Carries 3 Jet Fighters
Meet the B-36. Its wing span is twice the distance of the Wright Brothers' first flight at Kittyhawk. It's 3 times as lethal as the B-29 and can hop to any spot on earth. THE U. S. Air Force has a "Sunday punch" ready to slug any enemy who tries to start World War III with another Pearl Harbor. It's a sleek super-dreadnaught of the skies, the Consolidated Vultee B-36 long range bomber—and it's ready today to exploit to the fullest the awesome power of the atomic bomb. Carrying its own fighter protection in its belly, it will serve, in the event of war, as the "throwing arm" for the most destructive force in history.
Doctors Use Telescopes and Mirror to View Operation
Things were pretty weird before closed circuit TV. Telescopes and Mirror give many eyes a close-up view of a delicate cataract operation which heretofore could be observed by only one or two. It happened in Doctors’ Hospital, L. A.
Kitten Kast and Slick Chick
If ever there was an image that needed to be LOL-catted, this is it. Fire away. Slick Chick plays a tune on the piano—a slick trick that’s been taught her by Prof. Keller Breland, psychologist, as part of his studies in chicken behavior. He’s taught another chicken to tap dance in special shoes! ———————— Kitten […]
Convertable Jet Helicopter
By GILBERT PAUST WHEN you see a plane standing on its end in the sky—or on the ground—this will be the one! A radical new design, just granted a patent, is an airplane that can stick its nose up and act like a helicopter. The craft has a plane's wings, ailerons and enclosed fuselage. Three wheels extending straight back to the rear allow vertical takeoff and sit-down.
One Big Blow
Resisting the urge to comment. One Big Blow inflates this non-sinkable swimming suit enough to keep the girl afloat for many hours. When uninflated, the suit looks like any other, the tube being concealed when not in use.
New on the Road
Engine Rests Crooked in this Mercedes Benz, a top candidate to squash the track record at Indianapolis this year. Its in-line connection to an off-center rear axle assembly adds power and gives extreme underslinging. Squirming Irma is not the girl in the picture (who is Randee Sanford and always sits quietly) but a vigorous gadget for testing Ford springs and upholstery. It acts like a 135-pound woman squirming 11 complete squirms a minute.
Has Russia the Atom Bomb?
Has Russia the Atom Bomb? BY HANSON W. BALDWIN Military Analyst, New York Times; Graduate, U.S. Naval Academy DOES Russia have the atom bomb? Soviet Foreign Minister Molotoff and his mouthpiece Vishinsky have stated that the Russians know the "secret" of the bomb. They undoubtedly do, but that does not mean that Russia has been able to build a bomb. In my opinion they have not produced an atomic bomb to date of writing— but they will. Intelligence information—unofficial and inconclusive but indicative—says "no bomb yet." Our own experience in manufacturing and producing atomic bombs also supports this conclusion.
Table-Top Sculptor
His tiny built-up figures and settings bring hint fabulous prices as advertising displays. BY JOHN P. ARNOLD DON'T look now, but that man's making a scene again. Maybe that's no bonanza in the crusty old prospector's pan, but there're both gold and glory in the scene for Forrest C. Crooks. And Mr. Crooks is having more fun than Punch and Judy in making scenes for his "real-life" miniature stage. Mr. Crooks started something new in advertising illustrations. A magazine illustrator by profession, Mr. Crooks put aside his brush and pen to take up carving and set designing to "build" new drama into advertising.